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Overlord joined the Sonic Community around November 2001 at the board Area 51, where he was an occasional contributer until the board finally collapsed in the summer of 2002 while holidaying in the USA (he still maintains that something bad in the Sonic Community always happens when he leaves on a scheduled break for more than 3 days). After the board's collapse, he joined Sonic CulT, where he remains to this day (as a CulT Family member) along with the recently-joined Sonic Retro (where he is a Moderator), though in this time he has also been a Council Member at the new Sonic Stuff Research Group boards, and occasionally makes visits to other misc Community boards. He was a staff member at Shadowsoft Games before the SSRG seperation from their official boards, but still retains good relations with the company founders.

Scenewise, Overlord's main contributions have been a very primitive Sonic 2 hack by the name of Sonic 2 XP which never really went anywhere, and the STE (Sonic Text Editor) tool. He has also written header editors for Mega Drive and GBA ROMs.

He is possibly most infamous in the community for using the "=P" emoticon excessively. It is rumoured by some that the emoticon has actually replaced his human face, this was fuelled by the artists impression of Overlord taken on the night of the UK PSP launch.