Mad Echidna

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<forumuser name="Mad Echidna" /> Mad Echidna is a veteran oldbie. He used to frequent Sonic Classic before Simon Wai returned, and now shows up on the Sonic Retro forums now and then. He was once one of the biggest flamers in the scene, instigating many fights and possibly even influencing Pelord's retirement, although he has resolved to become a more productive and docile member of the community. Along with Ashura2k he co-concieved the Total Recall think-tank. He was an IRC Operator on the now defunct SonicIRC, rumored to have been removed with little cause, and he was one of the original admins of Glowing Bridge. Currently, he can be found in #retro on occasion, as well as making slightly controversial topics on the Sonic Retro forums.

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