Luigi Link

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<forumuser name="Luigi Link" /> Luigi Link was heavily involved in the Sonic Scene during the EZboard Area 51 era and the Sonic Secrets Center era. He was one of the people that was part of the SSRG Council. His notably most famous quote is that "The Sonic Secrets Community is 1% Sonic and 99% politics." Another good quote of his was "If we focus around one place too much, if it all goes away, it'll leave a huge dent."

From an early age, Luigi Link was interested in video gaming. This fostered his passion for computers, and he is currently in college going for Computer Science and Computer Information Technology--Networking. He was a mod at the Sonic Secrets Center. He contributed a few essays about his theories of the making of the Genesis Sonic games, and he also created a Genesis Sonic Code Collection that contained listings of codes for every Genesis/Mega Drive Sonic game.