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<forumuser name="Lostgame" /> Lostgame (real name Nic Newman, formerly known as Mecha Tails or simply Tails) is a long-standing member of the Sonic scene. He is known for his reverse engineering work on the more "obscure" games in the Sonic series. Among the games he's done work on include Knuckles' Chaotix, Sonic Crackers, and Sonic Spinball. He knows a small amount of Motorola 68000 assembly, and is proficient with C++, Game Maker scripting, and Multimedia Fusion.

Lostgame is notorious for his controversial opinions regarding various video game consoles, as well as his tendency to firmly support Apple products. He has had several memes constructed playing on this fact, even going as far as a text to speech mp3 being produced where Lostgame was present saying "Macs, macs, macs..." whilst rapping about the redeeming qualities of Apple products.

While sometimes seen as rude and abrasive, Lostgame is generally regarded by many sceners as an upbeat, engaging personality, and is generally well-liked by most members of the Sonic scene.

Not to be confused with LOst, a scener of similar name and seniority.


Lostgame first joined the Sonic scene in the year 2000. He focused most of his time on several advanced Sonic 2 hacks, most of which that have never seen the light of day. Posting under the alias Mecha Tails, Lostgame was prominently active on Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog, and was heavily involved in the Samantha Clarfet fiasco. He was close friends with sceners such as Nayr T'nargh, and he contributed a few small ROM hacks towards Qjimbo's website, Hill Top Zone. He remained active for about a year and a half before taking a 2-year break in 2001.

Lostgame returned to the Sonic scene in 2003 to what appeared to be a completely different world. The SSRG was no longer online, and many of the popular sceners who held "legendary" status at the time (Cyan Helkaraxe, saxman, Stealth, Andy Wolan, et al) had left the community due to an increasingly bitter environment. He joined the SRB2 and Sonic Retro forums in late 2003 under the alias Lostgame, where he intended to resume his previous involvement in the scene. He also attempted to join the SSRG forums under the maintenance JohnnyUK and Ultima, but was put off by the board's culture at the time and promptly left.

For a while he started producing some off-beat and "different" hacks, helping JJFTails with his Knuckles' Chaotix endeavors as well as making massive modifications to Sonic Crackers, creating new level layouts, new art, and utilities to edit Crackers; this culminated in the release of his groundbreaking hack Dani (not to be confused with JJFTails' hack of the same name, Sonic in Chaotix) .

Eventually, Lostgame's interests faded into fan game creation, and he became less involved technically with the community. He currently remains an active member of Sonic Retro, though not in the capacity he once was.