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<forumuser name="JJ-Fox" /> JJFTails has been a member at SWS2B (and previously SSRG) ever since August 2005.

Early Days

Coded entirely in QBasic and eventually ported to C, JJFTails' Segacon program, made in late 2004 - early 2005, let your PC function as a Mega Drive/Genesis controller with advanced features like macros. This caught drx's attention and got him some web hosting space.

Within a few days of reading drx's helpful guides, he learned how to program the Motorola 68000. He came up with a full-fledged maze-like game, posted it at SWS2B, and caught a few members' attentions. Then, when he posted a new version of the game with music, more levels, and etc., Mustapha and others suggested him for Tech Member. Shortly after, he was made a Tech Member.

Becoming a recognizable member

One day, JJFTails' bought a Tototek and was simply amazed. He became obsessed with his Tototek. It became as recognizable as .hack//zero's obsession with girls and Lostgame's obsession with Macs.

In late July 2006, he created the 'Chaotix Art Editor' utility that let you edit compressed art-mostly character art-in the game Knuckles' Chaotix. With bitmap importing features, one could port new characters, which is exactly what JJFTails had planned. You can download the editor at the utils section of Hacking CulT.

Sonic in Chaotix

In late October 2006, JJFTails released Sonic in Chaotix, a character port of Sonic the Hedgehog to Knuckles' Chaotix, a rarely hacked game for the Sega 32x. This hack was based off of the Sonic Chaotix hoax by KojiChao. Some may think to do this would be as simple as opening the ROM with TLP and replacing some tiles. However, the art was compressed with a format that only drx knew. Using sprites from Crackers, various sprites made by KojiChao, and with his finished C++ port of the Chaotix Art Editor, JJFTails was able to port Sonic's art over Mighty's. In November '06, a second revision of the hack was made, with updated art & various bugfixes. Grab the hack at Hacking Cult.


JJFTails grew tired of the elitism at what eventually became S2Beta - and now Sonic Retro - SWS2B. He tried other communities, such as SSMB, but ended up just lurking. He dropped the 'Tails' at the end of his nick, because he should have long before that, and became known as just 'JJF'. Because he is a really cool dude, around this time he'd also become a furry.

2008 - Present

SGR and JJF have recently discovered that Tails' pallete and frame definitions are still intact in the final Chaotix build (aka wechidna), and a port of Tails is in the process (but JJF is basically a lazy fuck and wont ever get around to releasing it).

JJF still lurks around at Retro and in the IRC chats and stuff


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