Hybrid Project Alpha

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<forumuser name="Hybrid Project Alpha" /> Hybrid Project Alpha is a quirky forumer from New Brunswick, Canada that joined Sonic Classic in February 2002. He is a very tolerant person, willing to give anyone a chance regardless of past behavior or reputation. He is a very loyal Sonic fan, who enjoys all Sonic games despite public opinion, possibly because his high tolerance has lowered his standards.

He considers himself a furry, and has an attraction to characters with long ears, as evidenced by his character designs. He currently has one other alias, Trellia the Umbreon. About a year after joining Sonic Classic however, he had over 50 alternate accounts on ezBoard. During the first move from ezBoard to Invision, he kept Holiday Jackalope (formerly a separate Jackalope for every holiday), Troika (a Klonoa fancharacter based on Popka), Super Klonoa, and Umbreon.

He is currently found at Sonic Retro as Hybrid Project Alpha, and occasionally in the Sonic Retro IRC channel as Umbreon.

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