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<forumuser name="Heran Bago" /> Heran Bago is a Tech Member on Sonic Retro, and was one of the most prominent faces in the community from 2005-2006. During his prime, he was possibly the esexiest (if not sexiest) member of SWS2B. Even to this day, it is common knowledge that even among tech members, he ranks one of the highest in esexebility.

A while back, he pissed off many-a SCARZ member for absolutely no reason.

This one time, saxman thought his name sounded familiar. As of September 2008, Digital Xeron remembers him.

Heran Bago was teh first person the release a ROM hack of Knuckles' Chaotix. When he released *Sonic Advance 3: Extreem Manseckz it was one of the most technically comprehensive and advanced Game Boy Advance ROM hacks in existence. This earned him a very bad reputation in the real (non-sonic) ROM hacking community despite being in the comic spirit of the first great ROM hacks.

Heran Bago created the SonAR cartridge release library, though is no longer involved in its maintenance.



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