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<forumuser name="Galaxia" /> Galaxia is a mainly harmless scener of Sonic Retro. He initially stumbled upon the Sonic scene through Sonic CulT, which he joined in December of 2007, after a period of lurking. Galaxia joined Retro at a later point in time.

Recently, he has also
Sonic Retro
into Sonic ROM hacking, and has taken mild criticism for his use of Esrael Sonic Editor, which he uses to edit ROMs directly instead of using a disassembly.

Current Affairs

Galaxia is heavily into music and its production, and is resitting his A-Level years in order to study this interest further at university. He also has an uncanny fondness for anything involving bacon, barbecque sauce or cheese.


Galaxia produces breakcore-influenced music under the name Razorwave. You can listen to his music at either his profile or his MySpace page.

Other/Past Usernames

  • SteadyDietOfNothing (registered on CulT as this)
  • GalaxiaRetro
  • sylaristic (LiveJournal name)
  • Pidgey Milkplus

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