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<Destructiox> 'Destrux was here, Flygon is kewl'

Destructiox on an unnamed IRC channel commenting on Flygon's general 'kewlness'

Flygon joined the community a few years ago, and irritated the shit out of everyone with his outrageously stupid furriness ever since.


Flygon had begun as a foolish member, often making a fool out of himself in various ways. When he used up his 30 posts, he was put into the Pending Approval group. During that time he lingered at SSRG.

He was given another chance when the admins decided to reset all the people that were in the pending approval limbo. As a result, he was approved 3 to 4 months later, after being once again being stuck in a limbo for a short time.


Flygon is a furry for some reason, so he's in BadnikNET's #furry channel.

Otherwise, he's a useless idiot wasting valuable space on Australia's crumbling ADSL infostructure.

Current Projects

He gave up on TASVideos after being unable to get enough zeny for a Kobold Card.