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<forumuser name="FastFeet" />FastFeet is the founder of FastFeet Media, SEGA Media and most recently the merged RadioSEGA Media and one of the longest running fan site developers in the Sonic the Hedgehog community. Known for his websites, previously managing SEGASonic:Radio, creating SEGASonic:TV and has staffed every Summer of Sonic convention held so far. Also known for his reputable collection of SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog media which has filled gaps in SEGA's own archives in the past, brought the Sonic commmunity together with media and is rumoured to have the most unique and largest collection of Sonic the Hedgehog media in the world.


FastFeet has had occasional impacts on the community, mainly by interactions through the media based websites he has made specifically for the Sonic Community. Presenting and producing various projects such as radio shows, television shows, facilitation of downloading from the web and is well known for re-designing his websites and trying out new ideas before others. Even today he is still involved in media and stage elements of the Summer of Sonic convention and supporting community based media projects.

Website History

2000: SEGA UK was the first website created by FastFeet. The purpose of the website was to provide news about SEGA related games and consoles (as the Dreamcast was still around). After a short spell on Yahoo! Geocities FastFeet eventually left SEGA UK as an archive and moved onwards to writing fan game reviews at the Sonic Stadium.

2003: On October 23rd 2003 FastFeet founded 'FastFeet Media' a website dedicated to SEGA and other video games related content. The website was accessible only from FastFeet's PC at the time meaning the content could only be accessed at limited times during the day via a web browser and using a FTP client to access downloads.

Due to FastFeet's previous staffing at The Sonic Stadium, Dreadknux and FastFeet came to an agreement to merge FastFeet Meida into The Sonic Stadiums network known as 'TSS NET'.As mentioned above in the past FastFeet has made many re-designs of his websites. FastFeet Media is the largest culprit with 11 core versions of the website published.

2007: After 4 years of growth FastFeet made a decision to make the website independent from TSS NET and both websites mutually divided. FastFeet Media moved to the domain of and had a new website engine implemented instead of simple methods. Podcasting started to become a big area with the invention of the iPod and the iTunes store.

2010: In an effort to improve the websites low visitor count and branding, the website was re-branded to 'SEGA Media' to make it more cleart in terms of what the website offered, visitors to Summer of Sonic 2010 were able to get their hands on a beta pass to see the new features SEGA Media would be offering over the old FastFeet Media engine including Live TV, a SEGA-based Youtube and an improved podcast section.

2012: With little time no available to spend working hard on SEGA Media something had to be done, however FastFeet did not want to give up the site. As a resulkt through a close partnership with RadioSEGA the two websites merged slightly to create a new Media section to RadioSEGA which came to be known as 'RadioSEGA Media' by most people.

Radio Shows

Between working as a station manager at SEGASonic:Radio and working closely with RadioSEGA recently, FastFeet has presented and participated in many shows over the years:


Frustrated by the lack of video based content for Sonic the Hedgehog, FastFeet set about editing video to create a television show that was all about Sonic the Hedgehog. Inspired by Gamesmaster - a video games TV show aired on channel 4 in the UK between 1992 -1998. 6 episodes of SEGASonic:TV were produced overall between 2003 - 2006 with large amounts of time spent working on the quality of production values and content, delays also came about due to other staff members such as ManicVJ and Shonic being in distant timezones compared to FastFeet.

The show made a return on SEGA Media for one episode to start Series 2 in a similar vein to a UK television series, but so far no further episodes have been made yet.

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