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<forumuser name="Elegiac" /> sth2k (currently known as Elegiac) joined Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51's message board on 16th December 2000, and joined the Sonic 2 Beta message board (later Sonic Classic) on 23rd December 2000. She is famous for the "pfenguin" - a blue hand-drawn penguin with a beak (colours may vary), and phrase "Gahâ„¢," the copyright of which is supposedly shared with LOst.

Contributions to the community include various hoaxes, a translation of the Sonic Labyrinth introduction and a long-lost Sonic Crackers savestate editing topic (only contained about three addresses). In 2001, she had the highest non-admin post count, thanks to a lot of spam in the Everything Else forum. She was also known from May 2001 until mid-2001 as LA Dictionary (pronounced 'lah-dik-shun-ary'), and was an admin of Discussion with Friends (Gunner112k's message board), from April 2001 onwards.

sth2k faded into obscurity in late 2005, and was last known under the alias Ciel Douze. However, after being invited back by Tweaker not so long ago, she still hangs around the forum and posts things sometimes.