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Eduardo Knuckles is a ROM hacker who develops hacks of Sega Mega Drive–based Sonic the Hedgehog games featuring advanced level layouts. Currently, he works on his hack Sonic the Hedgehog: Harder Levels and other projects with his team Harder Project.

He joined Sonic Retro in January 2007. He usually provides people with help editing music in the SMPS format, help with basic assembly language, and other concepts of Sonic hacking to help others create interesting work. He also creates his own songs in XM format for use in his and other people's hacks.

His work on Sonic the Hedgehog: Harder Levels became popular on the forums of The Sonic Stadium, where he released the second version of Sonic 1 Harder Levels, then known also as the Harder Project. After this great start, he decided to open the official website of the project and then joined with HPZMan and decided to form a group, which currently consists of four members; this group as a whole then took on the name Harder Project.

More recently, he had problems with private betas and ideas from Harder Project being stolen and used by others, so he has chosen not to release public betas of hacks from the Harder Project.

Eduardo's goal is to produce work on a par with some of the Sonic scene's best-known and technically greatest hacks, such as Sonic 2 Delta and Sonic Megamix. He views Esrael and Simon Wai as his idols in the hacking scene.


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