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<forumuser name="Djbrayster" /> Djbrayster joined the Sonic Scene in 2002, originally on the old EZBoard Sonic Classics. Originally he was another user who didn't type properly and made very little sense.

He joined Sonic Cult a few months after being on Sonic Classic and was whipped into shape by Turbokiller and a few other oldbies. He was branded the "N00b Defender" on Sonic Cult for his preference to try and improve people in a less harsh way then he was. In the end he became less involved with defending noobs in order to avoid the backlash.

In 2003, another user Jay-Kun posted a picture of a Ristar boss as a Cat. This amazed Dj and he began to work with fellow members Jay-Kun, DeepBlueVibes and Slade the Raptor to create a website devoted to Ristar, the Ristar Cluster.

PACHUKA, who was given some info on the passwords for Ristar during his work on Sonic Mega Collection, was surprised with the research and work he had done on his site and gave hosting for the site on the Sonic Cult servers. He also granted Djbrayster Family status.

Djbrayster continues to work with a group of friends in researching and building a Ristar Fan Community.

He is also known for his contributions across the net for the following:

  • Sonic 2 SMS/GG VGM archive that is hosted on Zophar's Domain
  • Attempting a Sonic 2 Green Hills remix that was never any good
  • Scanning and sharing The Japanese Sonic Mega Collection Players Guide
  • Various sprite sheets, especially the Ristar related sheets
  • Sharing the Mother/Earthbound OSTs he has..
    • Well the original Mother OST from '89 did cost £106!
  • Finding the "lost" Sonic CD manual in the Japanese Sonic Mega Collection ISO