Dan Genesis

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<forumuser name="Dan Genesis" /> Dan Genesis is a tough person to describe. At times, he is philosphocial, anylitical, and inventive. Other times he is simply random, nonsensical, and borderline innapproriate for all ages. Regardless of how one views him, sanity flees in terror when Dan is present.

Dan was the winner of the community's Blue Sphere tournament at level 3001 with a 300 perfect streak.

Unlike the sceners he tends to associate himself with, Dan has no talent for hacking or programing. He does, however, have a nack for coming up with (often outlandish) ideas that could easily be turned into hacks.

Dan spends most of his time writing a novel, scripting three webcomics and drawing one of them, playing video games listening to and writing music, eating, and sleeping. He has finished one novel, a song, is now publishing one of his webcomics, and has recently started (attempting) to produce a fighting game called Bloodlust. Quiet the busy fellow, isn't he?