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<forumuser name="DNXDelta" /> DNXDelta is a member of the Sonic Retro forums among other places. He is currently working as the spriter on Sonic 2 Retro Remix with Thorn and was a member of the original team for Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect.

The Beginning

DNXDelta was a compressed sprite artist whose specialties included compressed art, sprites, and new-found level art. This began by chance with his first meeting with JcFerggy. After a point in time, the two founded the Sonic Compressed Art Archive, which was dedicated to providing compressed art for other users. However, due to frequent moves of the archive the tasks became a bother for both members, who rarely updated it.

At some point the two began work on Sonic 1 Pixel Perfect, which was intended as a simple hack. The hack earned much praise for its simplicity and the the two then added Thorn to their team.

The Split

Upon recruiting NovaWizard as another layout designer on the team, tensions rose between him and Thorn in regards to layout styles. Eventually, things came to a head as Thorn desired ASM edits to S1PP as opposed to JcFerggy's idea of simplicity. During a group convo with the team, JcFerggy announced that DNX and Thorn split from the team to start off elsewhere. However, this was partially a ruse, as DNX was told that he was to fake his split from them in order to make Thorn's ban tactful. Knowing he was now placed in the middle, he told Thorn what JcFerggy's intentions were thanks to the investigation of Tweaker. Shortly after, DNX resigned from the team to work with Thorn.

Sonic 2 Retro Remix

After the resignation, Tweaker invited the two to work with him on Sonic 2 Megamix. However, seeing that there was little progress made, Tweaker decided that the two had potential to work on their own hack and should take what little they had in S2MM for their own use. Eventually the new hack became (and still is today) Sonic 2 Retro Remix. From that day onwards, Thorn and DNX are the only members of the team.