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<forumuser name="Boozer" /> Boozer (also known as EveryNameWasTaken) is one of those Sonic scene oldbies. Nobody remembers exactly what Boozer did or why everyone knows him, but believe it or not, Boozer is a very special guy.

  • Boozer is the reason you can put that little space in your name on IRC.
  • Boozer is also the reason that the mods can use fsay and make it look like you said things you didn't say too.
  • Boozer is the guy who made that little flashing master emerald icon on the Sonic Retro forums, which Simon Wai stole.
  • Boozer might have been the guy who hacked your AIM back in the day during the forum wars, or it might have been turbokiller. He's probably also the guy that took down YOUR FAVORITE MESSAGE BOARD at one point in time. Sorry folks. At least things were more lively back then.
  • Boozer was then hacked himself by SShadowSuper. He figured out who he is, but he won't tell. Boozer will tell you that it was not saxman. Never mind, everyone figured out that it was Pac already.

He was also an admin at Sonic CulT for a long time.

It is currently believed that there is a little bit of Boozer in all of us, but Boozer says that's bullshit.