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About Me

Hello Sonic Retro! I'm Tyler, a 16 year old Canadian blind guy who likes cartoons, music (mainly rap and r&b), funny YouTube series and other stuff.

What I will do here

I like the Sonic cartoons (except for Sonic X) so that's what I'm going to mostley edit and focus on this wiki. I will be making new pages and some edits so expect some new changes to cartoon related articles and sections.

A Verry Important Note

Due to my blindness, I use a screan reader called JAWS to get around the internet and the rest of my computer. I'll do the best I can for spelling but you may need to correct some words as JAWS may say them like the word I actually want to put in an article.

Contact info:

Here's some contact info if you want to talk or just want to get to know me! Skype: zomby.creepypasta1 Email: [email protected] hope to make some new friends and enjoy this community!