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<forumuser name="BadCopNoDonut" /> BadCopNoDonut is very skilled at using SonED. Using this skill he helped Rika Chou create Sonic 2: Advanced Edit.

He first found the Sonic hacking scene in late 2002, and joined Sonic CulT in February 2003, and SWS2B in September 2005. He had his work featured in an early version of Rika Chou's Sonic 2: Advanced Edit, and then stopped hacking for a while to address some personal issues. He returned in late 2006, and was working on a hack until his computer crashed, after which he lost the drive to make any major effort to make a hack, and just dabbled in making level art here and there. He never became skilled at the technical side of things, preferring to just change the art. He resisted learning ASM for a few reasons, so if you want to know something on that front, he's not the guy to ask. Then he found Project: Sonic Retro, which would enable him to make art and other things that others would be able to carry on, rather than let it languish on his computer; however that project was canceled. He was also on the Sonic Gemini team as a level artist, until the project changed its art style.

His style of art and hacking may put him at odds with others at times, because it is more simplistic. He tends to try to keep his art as Sonic 2-esque as possible, as he feels that game's art is simple, yet great. Others want to try to evolve beyond Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles, which he is concerned that if taken too far (e.g. with too much ASM, etc.) will go beyond what the Genesis would do and make a hack not in the spirit of the original Sonic games. However he does love to make new, innovative stuff, so sometimes he has to ignore such feelings and challenge himself to do something more.

He has had bad luck with hacking, learning the importance of backups the hard way, and has been on numerous projects that ended up getting canceled. As such, he is on an indefinite hiatus from hacking to pursue other hobbies (such as stand-up comedy). He is only likely to participate in future group projects rather than try something solo, although he hasn't ruled it out.