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<forumuser name="Anthall" /> Anthall (also known as anthall1991) is a scener who is currently at college learning ICT. His hobbies are programming, music, gaming and movie creation. He is also interested in Sciences and Mathematics, and thinks that he is the only person from the United Kingdom who likes Baseball. He is known to be a slow at learning the basics, but as soon as he learns the basics, he then flies through the learning process of advanced techniques.

When he was in his preteens, one of his dreams was to be able to create levels for Sonic the Hedgehog games. He always played with the Debug mode of Sonic the Hedgehog, and liked to try out new things this way.

Around 2003, he saw a friend of his playing Streets of Rage on an emulator on the PC, who said that you can download Roms off the internet of your favorite retro games consoles, so Anthall did just that, and found the Sonic games for the Mega Drive and started to play with the games that he really enjoyed when he was a kid, and his interest in the classic Sonic games was revitalised.

Roughly a year later, the same friend was giving copies of a CD containing a huge collection of Mega Drive Roms, who gave Anthall a copy, and on the disk he found a Sonic game he hadn't seen before, which was a game called Sonic Crackers, which Anthall was curious to find out what it was, so he went on the internet to find some Sonic related sites. Various sites he searched around were Sonic Cult and Secrets of Sonic Team to find infomation on this game that he had. On the way, his interest in the Sonic scene boosted again with the finding of Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta, where he found out about the scrapped Hidden Palace Zone and Wood Zone. He was also interested in finding out about the various removed elements from the classic Sonic games.

Around 2006, he managed to get a whole GoodGen set, which contained thirty-ish Sonic hacks that he liked to mess around with, which resulted in him searching the internet for programs which would allow him to create his own Sonic hack. He found a program called Esrael Sonic Editor, and its sequel.

He started off with an amateurish hack called Sonic Seasons, which he really enjoyed creating and play testing, even though it was admittedly a big mess. He did tons of stuff that most amateur ROM hackers do and changed Sonic's colours which made all the game look horrible. He also managed to mess up the HUD using Esrael Sonic Editor somehow.

Anthall decided to join the Sonic Retro boards on August 2008, mainly so he could show off his rushed hack called Sonic Gets Poisoned!, which members of Sonic Retro found off-putting because of the clashing colour scheme used in his hack. Anthall found the criticism from the hack justified, so he decided to work at it, and it evolved into a Sonic hack called Sonic the Hedgehog - The Final Showdown. It is a much improved Sonic hack which really shows Anthall's improvements in his hacking expertise. It contains ASM, graphics hacking, level layout changes and music ports. He is using SonED2 to continue his hack.

His favorite hacks are Sonic Megamix, soniNeko and Sonic 1 Harder Levels Version.