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<forumuser name="Alriightyman" /> Alriightyman is a fairly experienced ROM hacker who joined the Sonic scene on October 3rd, 2007, by way of the SSRG forums. He has since joined Sonic Retro, where he is a Tech Member and a much more prominent face. He is friendly, outgoing, and generally open to helping other people with their reverse-engineering efforts.

In terms of technical skill, Alriightyman specializes in porting various gameplay features from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (such as level transitions and the save menu) into Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This ability granted him Tech Membership on the Sonic Retro forums. In addition, he is rather well-known for his hack, Sonic 2: S3 Edition, which contains various aspects of Sonic 3 transplanted into Sonic 2.

Various sources have led many to believe that he is in fact not Adam We; this is yet to be confirmed, however.