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SCHG: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Simon Wai prototype)
Main Article
Art Editing
Editing Art
Uncompressed Art
Nemesis Format Art
Kosinski Format Art
Palette Editing
Pattern Load Requests
Object Editing
Editing Objects
Sounds and Objects
Object Pointer List
Sprite Mappings
Dynamic PLCs
Level Editing
Editing Levels
Object Placement
Ring Placement
Level Layout
16x16 Block Mappings
128x128 Block Mappings
Level Specific Info
Music Editing
Editing Music
Pointer Format
Header Format
DAC Samples
Master Playlist and Compression
Music Pointers
RAM Editing
Editing RAM
Main System Memory Locations
Object Status Table Format
Miscellaneous Editing
Game Configuration
Cheats Editings
Debug Mode
Demo Recording

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