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A means of displaying how region encoding affects a game. This is only worth doing for cartridge-based systems, namely the Mega Drive, 32X and a select batch of Game Gear and Master System titles. Disc-based consoles will be completely region locked while SG-1000 games will doubtless be unoptimised for PAL units.


| romregion=
| ntscj_image=
| ntscu_image=
| pal_image=
| ntscj_state=
| ntscu_state=
| pal_state=

Possible states:

  • yes - works as expected
  • locked - region locked
  • unoptimised - game is unoptimised. This should also be used for graphical or audio glitches that detract from the experience, but don't stop the game from working.
  • broken - the game breaks horribly or hangs, rendering it unplayable
  • blank - blank screen, which could be a lock or it could be an error - we probably don't know.
  • partial - partially optimised.

For partially optimised games, more specifics are required, e.g.:

| pal_music=
| pal_fullscreen=
| pal_speed=

Answer yes or no, or leave blank if you're not sure.

The expectation is that unless a game was exclusive to PAL regions, all PAL games will be either unoptimised or only partially optimised. NTSC versions will only be unoptimised in select circumstances.

To add more information, use ntscj_desc, ntsu_desc or pal_desc.

The assumption is that there are three main regions to consider, NTSC-J, NTSC-U and PAL. In situations where the ROM is identical between two or more regions, it's a good idea to still specify these regions as this will help with database building (that is to say, don't use the GoodXXX naming scheme and start labeling ROMs as "W" for "WORLD", use "romregion=NTSC-U/PAL" or similar).

Note also: GoodXXX names are often wrong. If in doubt, make three tables.

If the game changes between regions but the ROM stays the same, (e.g. Cosmic Carnage becoming Cyber Brawl), do not dwell too much on the differences - that can be saved for comparisons sub-pages.