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This template should be used on articles about fictional groups in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Place the following at the top of the page:

| image=
| charcolor=
| textcolor=
| name=
| debut=
| debutyear=
| series=
| member1=
| member2=
| member3=
| member4=
| member5=
| member6=
| member7=
| member8=
| member9=
| member10=

Up to 10 members may be associated with a single group. "series" should be used only for groups that appear in specific media, such as comics.

Automatic links

Links are automatically generated for the "debut" field. If the page name has brackets, or requires a namespace (e.g. links to Sega Retro or Wikipedia), please format it like this:

| debut=Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog
| debut=sega:Rad Mobile{{!}}Rad Mobile

For comic characters, format their debut field like the following examples:

| debut=Sonic the Hedgehog 001 (Archie){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog #1
| debut=Sonic the Hedgehog 001 (IDW){{!}}Sonic the Hedgehog #1
| debut=Sonic the Comic 001{{!}}Sonic the Comic #1