Sonic Dreams Collection

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Version History

  • v1.0 released 2015-08-XX. (prerelease?)
  • v1.0 released 2015-08-10. (public release?)
  • v1.0.1 released 2015-08-11.

Hm. I just realized. The in-game description for Sonic Movie Maker mentions a v1.1 and v1.2. I always assumed this was just part of the fiction story etc, but- hm. It's probably nothing, but look into this some. Cartridgeculture (talk) 10:54, 10 October 2021 (EDT)

To Do

  • Summary: Rewrite. Needs a second pass but feels okay. Either a creative introduction ala the Sonic 2 page or something more in line with some kind of Sonic Retro style-guide. Also mention of freeware.
  • Development: Expansion. Short intro to Arcade Kids and their style of cooperative development.
  • History/Gameplay?: Creation/Expansion. Focus on the out-of-game experience side of SDC. Summarize SegaNet being player-discovered and required for progress, that it’s Esposito’s style and vision for this kind of gameplay, the whole grandpa password website thing, and how this is all paralleled in-game by the whole breaking the boundaries of the levels for fun and curiosity. Maybe all this goes into different sections but its this general idea.
  • Download: Creation. Download link to official host.
  • Audio: Break up or consolidate that first paragraph, and add references for those sound effect mentions. Best example for the latter is that Mario Canoli (sp?) virtual worlds VR thing (France?), and I’ll swing back around to the former.
  • Reception: Creation. I am not looking forward to this. And apparently there was some kind of review embargo? Not done out of malice but prohably because they didnt want to spoil the shock of the game’s surreal presentation too early. Need to find where I read this.
  • Release dates: The release dates are wrong. Wikipedia’s are wrong. I never even wrote them down, and I’ve seem to have lost the original invitation email. Does anyone have the date that original newsletter email was sent? Id be super curious to see how many days passed between... well... okay here’s how I see it.

The August 10th date has to be the public release. If what Wikipedia says is true, that download link lastes for only a few hours. No, it was several days. I distinctly remember going “Oh, it FINALLY got a download link on the main page.” after something close to a week or more?, but I don’t remember the number of days exactly to subtract it from August 10th. Here’s what I think the release timeline looks like: August 1-7 the game was prereleased through the newsletter, August 10 the game was publically released, August 11 the game was updated with additional developer credits. Cartridgeculture (talk) 21:08, 28 March 2021 (EDT)