Sylvania Castle Zone

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Sylvania Castle Zone
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Sylvania Castle Zone
First Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Number of Acts: 4
Level themes: ancient ruins, underwater
Boss: Egg Serpentleaf
White Park Zone

Sylvania Castle Zone is the first Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. Following the events of Episode I, Sonic and Tails arrive here on the Tornado to begin a new adventure.


Sylvania Castle Zone is an ancient forest castle partially submerged in a vast lake that shares many characteristics of Aquatic Ruin Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Marble Garden Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and is home to various Badniks, both old and new.

The various ruins hold many traps and mechanisms, such as platforms floating in water that can be flipped over with the Homing Attack to reveal springs, and trap doors that can be opened by wheel switches operated using the Spin Dash. Strange Reliefs are laden about and will either shoot arrows at the heroes, or emit strong currents in underwater sections. Act 3 is set at night and features many pillars, both grounded and floating mysteriously in the air. Some pillars can be knocked down with three Spin Attacks/Homing Attacks to proceed forward, and Sonic can change the orientation of floating pillars with his Homing Attack.

Each of the three Acts serve to teach the player(s) how to use each of the Tag Actions in the game. Act 1 introduces the Copter Combo, Act 2 introduces the Submarine Combo, and Act 3 introduces the Rolling Combo. In a new game, the player(s) cannot use these actions until they reach the first instance in which they are required.


  • Act 1 - A New Frontier
  • Act 2 - Sunken Ruins
  • Act 3 - Moonlit Realm
  • Boss - Dueling Dr. Eggman's New Creation


In the deep forest, an old castle is located by the lake. Despite its magical appearance, traps like floating pillars, made to protect the castle, will await the duo.

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S4 Bubbles Sprite.png
Bubbles — Marble Garden Zone's original nusiance, serving as Homing Attack fodder like they did in the first episode.
Sonic4E2 Badniks ChopChop.png
Chop Chop — Fish-like Badniks that are found underwater. From Aquatic Ruin Zone.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Fullboar.png
Fullboar — A brand-new Badnik based on a boar.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Mantis.png
Mantis — The grasshopper Badnik from Marble Garden Zone that jumps up and down.
Sonic4E2 Badniks Zoomer.png
Zoomer — A brand-new Badnik based on a hummingbird.


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