Super Scourge

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Super Scourge.png
Super Scourge
First seen: Sonic the Hedgehog #195 (2009)
Power source: Anarchy Beryls
Base character: Scourge the Hedgehog
Used in: Comics

Super Scourge is the Super State that Scourge the Hedgehog enters when he absorbs the power of an unknown amount of Anarchy Beryls. The transformation causes his quills to upturn, and most of his colors (clothes included) to invert. Due to brand recognition, Super Scourge has the traditional yellow Super State aura.

While in his Super State, Scourge is nigh invincible, and has the usual higher speed and strength given to other transformations. The power was so intense that he was able to effortlessly defeat dozens of other characters at once, including Sonic, Shadow, and Metal Sonic. He was even able to break free of Silver the Hedgehog's psychokinesis; which would make it only the second time across all canons that happened.

The power also brings out his even meander side. He threatened to Spin Dash both Moebius and Mobius in half, simply because he could. Writer Ian Flynn has stated that Super Scourge would be the closest thing the comics see to a "Dark Super Sonic"

Because he used the Anarchy Beryls to transform, Scourge was susceptible to their weakness as a power source. Being the polar opposites of the Chaos Emeralds, powering down with them drained Scourge of all of his remaining energy. This allowed Sonic to claim a swift victory.


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