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Sonic X episode #21
"Fast Friends"
Written by:
Directed by: Yukio Okazaki
Production no.: 021
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
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"Fast Friends", known as "Speed Shoubu! Sonic vs Sam" (スピード勝負! ソニックVSサム) in Japan, is the 21st episode in the first season of Sonic X.


Chris and his family are awakened at night by the arrival of Sam Speed, who challenges Sonic to a race. Sonic is not interested. Unfortunately, the race has already been heavily publicized as a stunt by Jerome Wise, the president's aide, to ensure the president's re-election. When Jerome learns of Sonic's refusal, he decides to persuade Dr. Eggman to force Sonic to accept the challenge.

Eggman agrees, and sends Bokkun to deliver a robot that threatens to kiss Sonic unless he agrees to race Sam. Sonic goes with the lesser of two evils and accepts Sam's challenge...leaving Bokkun in the amorous robot's path.

The race takes them down the freeway, through city streets, across a Golden Gate-resembling bridge, and through the desert. As they cross the desert, Eggman's robot E-45 Sumo-man intercepts them, but is far too slow to hit either of them. Sam resorts to a few dirty tactics to pull ahead, but Sonic counters with his own mischief.

Sonic and Sam turn around in a canyon and make their way to the stadium, where the president is supposed to be waiting at the finish line to shake hands with the winner. Since the president is held up in a long meeting, Jerome decides to perform the handshake himself, reasoning that the resulting surge in his popularity will enable him to win the election himself.

Sonic and Sam cross the finish line seemingly neck-and-neck, but a slow-motion replay of the finish reveals that Sonic in fact jumped over the ribbon, flashed a victory sign at the camera, and then ran back to cross the ribbon for the official finish.

Jerome and the press stand ready to take the picture, but Sonic is unwilling to go along with the stunt. In the silence, Jerome gets a phone call from his girlfriend Vivian...who informs him that he has been fired for negotiating with Eggman. The press pounces on this development, leaving Sonic off the hook.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Fast Friends Fast Friends
Japanese スピード勝負! ソニックVSサム Speed Shoubu! Sonic vs Sam
Portuguese Amigos Rápidos Fast Friends

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