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Sonic the Hedgehog CD Lite
System(s): Android
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Arcade & Action[1], Arcade[2]
Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Google Android OS
2013-04-01[1] FREE ?
Google Android OS
2013-04-01[1] FREE ?
ESRB: Everyone
Google Android OS
2013-04-01[1] FREE ?
PEGI: 3+
Google Android OS
2013-04-01[1] FREE ?
USK: 0
Google Android OS
2013-04-01[1] FREE ?
OFLC: General (G)

Sonic the Hedgehog CD Lite, also known as Sonic CD Taikenban (ソニックCD 体験版) in Japan, is a free demo version of the 2011 game Sonic the Hedgehog CD on Android and iOS devices.


Only three stages are available in the game, the first act of Palmtree Panic, and the first act and the boss of Quartz Quadrant. The stage select is similar to the time attack screen with both two acts, except the boss, open from the start. Have a time attack total time of 01'30'00 and you will be able to unlock the boss level of Quartz Quadrant. The two acts will have a time of 10'00'00 from the start.


Version history

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System Version Size Date Comment Ref Icon
Google Android OS
0000010000000000040000000000001.0.4 33MB 201304012013-04-01 [1] SonicCDLite Android icon 104.png
Download.svg (info) (33.02 MB)


The description has no review press scores or update description. The page reveals different screenshots one even exclusive to the game. The description is from the Google Play(JP) Page.


■重要なお知らせ 対応機種はN-07D/N-08Dとなっております。


過去から未来へ、振動機能に対応した「ソニックCD」が時を越えてスマートフォン/タブレットで生まれ変わる! ※体験版では3ステージ遊べるぞ!




- Translated to English

-------------------------------------------------- -----

■ Important Information Compatible models are becoming N-07D / N-08D.

-------------------------------------------------- -----

From the past to the future, reborn in the smartphone / tablet beyond the time it is "Sonic CD" corresponding to the vibration function! ※ play 3 stage in the trial version!

Once a year, beautiful planet, Little Planet to visit the Sonic our star. There are hidden gems of mystery that time Stone, in the Little Planet in its power, past, now, that he's the future of the world are mixed ....

The Little Planet, Dr. Eggman is invaded to contemplate the world conquest, had remodeled into a fortress the Little Planet itself took the time Stone. To save the Little Planet, adventure of the new Sonic timeless begins!

New action in the "Sonic CD" is "time warp". Coming and going of the times, to prevent the invasion of Dr. Robotnik of all of the times, bring back the time Stone. In addition, the adorable hedgehog girl Emmy in this work, Dr. Has also drawn first appearance scene of the strongest assassin Metal Sonic on goal of Eggman

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