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The following documents (named Sonic the Hedgehog Bible in the header) were distributed internally by Sega of America to specify a localized backstory for Sonic the Hedgehog, during the era of the early Mega Drive Sonic games. These documents established an origin story for Sonic and Dr. Robotnik that was later featured in the Sonic promotional comic and in numerous UK Sonic publications.

The scanned images shown in the gallery below were originally put online with the filename "SonicBible.pdf"; this version of the document appears to be the earliest draft, as it is the only one to feature the "Sonny" name and Nebraska setting. Two further versions of these documents were also uploaded, which appear to be later revisions: "SonicBibleDraft1.pdf" introduces the Mobius setting, and "SonicBibleDraft2.pdf" replaces the "Rabbit", "Squirrel" and "Pig" names with Johnny Lightfoot, Sally Acorn and Porker Lewis.

Although developed by Sega of America, the backstory established in these internal Bible documents was not used in much US material other than the Sonic promotional comic. However, it was heavily featured in post-Sonic 2 British publications. The book Stay Sonic by Mike Pattenden contains text that, in many places, follows the "Draft 2" document almost word-for-word; the Stay Sonic version was later used as the basis of Sonic the Comic's setting. The Virgin Publishing "Martin Adams" novels also used the "Kintobor" origin story established in these internal Sega of America Bible documents.

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