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Level select

S2b4 level select.png

Enabled by default. Simply press A+Start on the title screen. If hovering over the 2P VERSUS option, the selected level will play in split-screen (save for the Special Stage, which will crash).

Edit mode


Press C C Up Down Down Down Down Up then A+Start on the title screen, then highlight a Zone in the stage select and press and hold A.

Night mode


Enable Edit Mode, highlight a Zone in the stage select and press C+Start.

Unused content


Art Description
Sonic2PreBeta MD Sprite SpecialStageExit.png
An "EXIT" graphic that is loaded in the VRAM in the Special Stage.[1]


Placeable in edit mode

Art Description
Sonic2 MD Sprite Monitors.png
The ? monitor, destined for 2P versus mode can be placed, and when broken, Sonic will transform into Super Sonic.
Sonic2 MD Sprite OldStarPost.png
Spr lamppost.gif
The prototype Star Post seen in earlier versions of the game still exists. When deactivated, it is yellow, rapidly flashing white and red once Sonic has passed by.
Sonic2 MD Sprite CPZ CorrectDoor.png
Doors exist in Chemical Plant Zone, but the player can place ones with the correct artwork.
Aquatic ruin door.png
Unused doors for Aquatic Ruin Zone. They're unused in the final game too.
Sonic2PreBeta MD Sprite EarlyCrawl.png
Prototype versions of Crawl can be placed in Casino Night Zone. They don't move and can't be destroyed, instead acting the same as bumpers.
Aquis sprite.png
Aquis can be placed in Oil Ocean Zone. It moves left and right - different to the behaviour seen in the final game.
Sonic2PreBeta MD Sprite OOZ Ball.png
The moving checkered ball and associated button both still function.
Sonic2 MD Sprite MZRhombusLift.png
The diagonal lifts still exist in Metropolis Zone, except unlike earlier prototypes, they do not move.
Clucker sprite.png
There are no Clucker enemies in Wing Fortress Zone yet, but they can be placed.
A large vertical beam of light.
Sonic2PreBeta MD Sprite SFZ DisappearingPlatform.png
Likewise, the player can place the missing disappearing platforms.
The deadly spinning pole that releases an animal if jumped on. Unused in the final too.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (pre-beta), prototype version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
S2b4 titlescreen.png

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