Sonic the Hedgehog (redemption game) patent

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The following is the US patent for the Sonic the Hedgehog redemption arcade machine.


A coin rolled from a first end of a surface to a second end of a surface is detected by a sensing device. The sensing device causes a video screen to display a coin generated video object in response to the detection of the coin near the second end of the surface. The video screen may also display at least one target video object. The coin generated object may be displayed by the video screen in a manner so that it appears that the coin generated object moves on the video screen in a direction related to the direction of the physically rolling coin. The target video object may change from a first state to a second state on the video screen when the coin generated object is within a specified range of the target video object.

Patent number: 7128644
Filing date: Oct 18, 2002
Issue date: Oct 31, 2006
Inventor: Stephen Linzey
Primary Examiner: Robert Olszewski
Secondary Examiner: Kesha Y. Frisby
Attorneys: Walter J. Tencza, Jr.
Application number: 10/274,466
U.S. Classification
463/1; 273/460

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