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Sonic the Hedgehog
System(s): LeapFrog Didj
Publisher: LeapFrog Enterprises
ROM size: 16.7 MB
Genre: Educational
Release Date RRP Code Rating
LeapFrog Didj
200x $? ?

note a lot of info on this page is from the design docs mixed with known info ripped from the games files using LadyLeia's tool-set.

Sonic the Hedgehog is an Educational Game title designed for 7-10 year olds (Second Grade through Fourth Grade) that teaches a core spelling curriculum. This title features the ever-popular Sonic character in a game designed specifically for LeapFrog’s Didj platform, and it's is the second Sonic-themed game to be released for a Leapfrog game console.

As an edutainment title, this product makes use of concise, targeted teaching mini-games, called Curricular Gadgets. Curricular Gadgets play a lead players through Spelling tasks, the mechanics of which are kept in the style of the Sonic universe. The Gadgets take the form of a teaching "puzzles", which must be solved to advance the game.

There are about 10,000 words that are available for download ready to be used in the games many word puzzles. Levels original yet are themed after existing zones in order the levels are called: Green Hill Zone, Emerald Hill Zone, Sandopolis Zone, Hydrocity Zone, Scrap Brain Zone, Chemical Plant Zone and Egg Base Zone, also called Space Egg Zone (based on Death Egg Zone)


Sonic's moves are comparable to the 16-bit games although he is equipped with new moves such as a homing attack and a wall grip. There are also rings and badniks scattered around the level, not to mention boss encounters.

The game features a large number of word puzzles which are accessible by finding and going through large rings that are scattered around the levels. Once going through the large ring the player is transported to another room where the word puzzles are given to the player. The words puzzles require words to be spelled out by using the contraptions in the room. If a word puzzle is solved the player is rewarded a large amount of rings.

Sonic is given three lives at the start of the game. They are able to earn extra lives through collecting a One-Up Power or if enough Rings are collected (100 and 200 in one Act), the player is given an extra life.

TV Monitors are in this game and are collected only after being hit once by Sonic’s Spin Attack. there is: One-Up, Super Ring, Shield, Super Sneakers, Invincible. (they all act how they do in sonic 1/2)

Teleport Ring: This is a special Golden Ring that when collected will transport sonic to Special Zone.

Badges and Bitz

now a bit of info about the Didj itself. Badges and Bitz are part of the Didj reward system of and are used rewarding a player’s game skills and curricular achievements. An achievement is called the Badge while the relative value or degree of achievement is measured in Bitz that makes it sort of like a users score that carrys between games.

Badges are given out to try and enhance the game to try and make the player play the game to the fullest, these Badges are displayed on the player’s Achievement Screen from the Options Menu. All of a player’s Badges and Bitz are stored and displayed on the LeapFrog website. family members can see the child's progress when looking at the child's gamer profile. Bitz are spent, like currency, at the LeapFrog website in order to either unlock or download content upgrades for various titles.


due to the system nolonger being on-line we cant get an exact list but we know these where at least planned for the game: Music Remixes

       Grass Hill Remix
       Hydropololis Remix
       Scrap Plant Remix

Animals Friends to be released upon Badnik defeat


Sonic Idle Poses

       News Pose (reading)
       In the Shade Pose (umbrella)
       Yo Yo Pose

Sonic Celebrations


Badges and Achievements

taken from GDD until the we work out how to get this data from the games files:

Badge Achievement Event Bitz Value
Complete Zone X, Act X in less than 3 minutes 5x6 Acts = 30
Complete Zone X, Act X in less than 2 minutes 10x6 Acts = 60
Collect 100 Rings in Zone X, Act X 5x6 Acts = 30
Collect 200 Rings in Zone X, Act X 10x6 Acts = 60
Collect the Green Emerald Collected (Zone One Boss) 20
Collect the Yellow Emerald Collected (Zone Two Boss) 20
Collect the Purple Emerald Collected (Zone Three Boss) 20
Collect the Master Emerald Collected (Zone Four Boss) 20
Get 5 Gadget Questions Correct in a row 20
Get 10 Gadget Questions Correct in a row 20
Find all Gadgets in an Act 25 x6 = 150
Find every Curricular Ring in the game 50
Potential Bitz Total 500

Production Credits


  • Developed for the Didj by: Realtime Associates, Inc.
  • President: Dave Warhol
  • Producer: Cheryl Higa
  • Production Support: Jack Loh
  • Technical Director: Eugen Condur
  • Programmers: Michael Fleming, Steve Winston, Brian Balamut
  • Game Designer: Glenn Storm
  • Level Designers: Chris Weeks, Jack Loh
  • Technical Art Director: Tim Jones
  • Art Director: Jeff Cook
  • Sprite Artist: Connie Goldman
Quality Assurance
  • Kat Macrae
  • Romeo Flores
Special Thanks
  • Phil Nguyen
  • Shippy Ohka
  • Jo Ann Faustino
  • and the original Sonic Team
Published by LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
  • Executive: Chris Cocks David Schwartz
  • Production: Megan Atchley, Justin Cinicolo, Michael Kosaka, David Perkinson
  • Design: Michael Kosaka, Justin Cinicolo, John Korellis
  • Curriculum Design: Jim Gray, Suzanne Barchers, Dr. Don Cummings, Laura Donahue, Elizabeth Young, Justin Cinicolo
  • Art & Animation: Mark Tellegen, Sasha Houdek, John Korellis, Louise Dockstader, Leslie Arvio, Dov Jelen, Delia Stone
  • Audio: Mark Langman, Brian Walker, Ricardo Leigh, Kevin Riley, Sudhu Tewari, Aram Shelton, Christina Kowalchuk
  • Software:Chris Fernandes, Lovica Callisti, Dennis O'Brien
Support & QA
  • Developer Support:Ian McIntosh, Stacey Li, Kimberley Rathbun, Terri Hannon
  • QA:Debbie Yandl, Alex Stahl, Tim Smith
  • Marketing:Monica Brown, Chad Weiner, Juliana Wu, Wayne Samdahl
  • International: Anja McClellan, Georgene Poulakidas
  • Licensing:Doug Carlucci, Lennell Jones
  • Legal:Anna Silva, Carmelia Stanton
  • Contract:Roger Noyes, Kid Lab, Alissa McLean, Erica Atencion
Special Thanks
  • Special Thanks:Jeff Katz, Nancy MacIntyre, Bill Chiasson, Bill Campbell, Mike Houlahan, Mike Chai, Michael Dodd, Martin Pidel, Rob Moon, Dave Stauffer, Hilda West, Hamid Butt, Jeff Grant, Yakov A. Blyakhman, Virginia Schmitt, Teresa Cameron, Scott Esters, Ruth Nathan, Robert Escobar, Moana Sherrill, Mark Bartscher, Mariko Nobori, Laura McCombs, Jonathan Bach, John Chapin, Jameel Din, Irvan Krantzler, David Siegel, Christina Bergschneider, Cameron McCaddon, Brad Carlton, Armando Sanchez, Anthony Greene, Alex Potts, and All the kids that helped test our game.
Sega Special Thanks


Physical scans

Didj, US
Sonic Didj Cart.JPG

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