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General bugs


Sonic1 SMS Ramp 1.png
Hold UpRight...
Sonic1 SMS Ramp 2.png
... for very fast times.

In Green Hill Zone and Jungle Zone, there are sections of the game where a steep hill drop leads to a ramp. If Sonic is rolled into a ball, he will be fired high into the air (complete with sound effect).

By holding UpRight while travelling in the air, Sonic will pick up speed and fly off the right hand side of the screen. The game then struggles to catch up - Sonic is unable to collide with objects rendered off-screen, and is able to fly over scenery. If performed correctly Sonic can bypass the majority of Green Hill Zone acts 1 and 2, can end up in areas outside the bounds of the level, and can cause all sorts of graphical errors.

The faster Sonic goes down the slope, the higher and further he will travel.

Not fixed in any version.

Level-specific bugs

Green Hill Zone

Horizontal spring forces Sonic into a wall

Sonic1 SMS GHZ2Wall 1.png
Sonic1 SMS GHZ2Wall 2.png

With a roll and a jump, this horizontal spring in the Master System's act 2 can wedge Sonic into a wall. Press a button to rise to the top.

Fixed in Game Gear version.

Labyrinth Zone

Skip vertical platforms


Parts of Labyrinth Zone depend on you ascending via slow moving platforms underwater. If Sonic is standing on the very left edge of one of these platforms as it ascends, he can be wedged in a wall. Again pressing a button will eject Sonic upwards, except he'll move much faster than the platform and is therefore less likely to drown.

Not fixed in any version.

Scrap Brain Zone

Dodgy doorway collision


The collision with the doorways is slightly buggy, allowing Sonic to intersect the wall above.

Not fixed in any version.

Sky Base Zone

Skip a big chunk of the stage


Not fixed in any version.

Get behind Eggman's protective glass


A well timed jump can get Sonic into the area where Eggman is standing, allowing for some easy hits.

Not fixed in any version.


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