Sonic the Hedgehog: Time Attacked

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Sonic the Hedgehog: Time Attacked
Latest release date: September 8th, 2003
Engine: Multimedia Fusion
Credits: Jamie Bailey

Sonic The Hedgehog: Time Attacked is a 2003 fan game made by Jamie Bailey for Microsoft Windows; this is Jamie's second major Sonic-releated fangame. Time Attacked has been compared to commercial games released by Sega because of the game's detailed original graphics and the author's vast knowledge of Clickteam based programming.


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Current version: Latest Public Build (2003)

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Dr. Eggman has invented a time machine and uses it to go back in time to defeat Sonic following a failed attempt. Eggman succeeds and begins to create a paradox, causing the present-time Sonic to fade. Once he realizes what's going on with him, he sets off to stop Eggman before he completes the paradox and changes made in time are permanent.


Since Time Attack is a Multimedia Fusion based game, it utilizes its control scheme of four button directions and two fire buttons. The controls are the left and right arrow keys to move about, "Fire 1" to jump and "Fire 2" to perform a spin dash. The way the game is played is the same as most other Sonic 2D games. Sonic must run to the goal (in this game, it's a large ring), while collecting rings to protect himself from enemy attacks. Once attacked, Sonic drops all the rings he's collected and can pick up some of the ones he dropped. Sonic loses one life if he is attacked by an enemy and has no rings, touches certain objects, or falls off the playing field.

There are also some custom abilities Sonic can do in Time Attacked. Unlike Game Boy Advance based Sonic games, Sonic can grind rails without having to worry about not landing back on them after he jumps. As long as the player holds the dash button, he can grind on a rail. One unique feature is the "high spring" manuver. Sonic can jump from a spring higher than normal if the player holds the jump button when Sonic lands on a spring. Sonic can also perform a Spring Slash by rolling in mid air after contact with a spring.

A save feature is also available in the game, which saves the player's progress after completing an act or cutscene.

Time Attacked introduces a new gameplay element, called "Link". Link is a point counter which increases by one "link point" when you destroy an enemy, collect rings or power-ups, or break through structures. When the Link counter is activated, one has a very limited amount of time to accumulate as many link points as possible. Stringing together 100 links in each zone (with the exception of Lightspeed Park, Act 3, which requires 42 links, and Time Base, Act 3 and the Final boss) is necessary to unlock some of the game's extras. There are also 5 coins hidden in each level aside from the final boss. Collecting these also unlocks extras.

List of zones

Below are a list of zones featured in the main storyline of Time Attacked, including a description of them. Act three always features a boss fight at the end, with the exception of Time Base. Each boss takes the usual eight bops to beat. There are other levels in the game which can be unlocked by completing certain tasks.

Slide City

From the depths of his dank, dark fortress, Eggman puts the finishing touches on his time machine. He warps one year back and surprises Sonic and Tails, shooting the Tornado out of the sky. Sonic lands unharmed and must travel across the city to find Tails.

This is a zone full of white skyscrapers and rails. Characters representing members of the Sonic The Hedgehog fan community are found all over. Motobug and Pata-Bata patrol the streets. Slide City's theme is a remix of Twinkle Circuit's.

Eggman kidnaps Tails and uses him as a dangling mace during the boss fight. Attack Eggman while avoiding Tails.

Lightspeed Park

Eggman succeeds in eliminating Sonic and Tails in the past. As a result, Sonic begins to fade away as he strolls through Lightspeed Park in the present. Seeing Eggman warp out of nowhere, Sonic pursues his adversary to resolve his strange condition.

Lightspeed Park features springs, speed boosts, colored lights and giant ferris wheels aplenty. Dark purple cylinder shaped buildings lined with spiraling yellow platforms dominate the background, while various signs in the foreground read "Speed Hacker" and "Extreme" in leet speak. Flashing Batbots and Rhinobots break up the festivities. Lightspeed Park's theme is a remix of Speed Slider's.

Sonic controls a hovering rocket during the boss fight. Travel up, down, left and right with the arrow keys. Launch projectiles (Fire 1) to defeat badniks, then ram Eggman's eggmobile after picking up speed (arrow key + Fire 2).

Undisturbed Paradise

The common "Green Hill" zone, with palm trees and a picturesque coast to look at. Walls with slopes, hidden passages, and breakable walls and ceilings are abundant here. Madmole and Mosqui ensure that things don't get too easy.

Eggman attacks in a giant burrowing spiked ball from below and above. Keep moving to avoid him and attack him when he pauses to open his cockpit.

Crystal Caverns

An underwater mine filled with yellow crystals, underwater tubes and water with enough surface tension to skim upon (rev up a Spindash first). While in the drink, don't forget to pick up oxygen via air bubbles. Jaws is a threat underwater and Buggernaut a nuisance above.

Eggman hovers lazily above you, just out of reach, while firing sparks and electrocuting the water. Demonstrate your mastery of rail grinding to gain the height needed to smack him.

Metal Hell

A red industrial park which is powered by lava. Has all the factory style platforms including Yellow and black stripes, fences and rails. Eggrobo and Redz simply muck up your righteous hedgehog crusade.

Eggman sits behind a glass window while pouring columns of molten ore over the arena. Oddly enough, he'll leave one chute closed (watch which one doesn't flash), and you should jiffy below it to survive. After doing this twice, Eggman will then briefly pause, which is your only chance to strike.

Time Base

Eggman's shiny stainless-steel headquarters. Buzzsaws and fatal electric currents are prominent hazards, while conveyor belts and bumpers make it difficult to keep an even footing. Two original enemies spout lasers and projectiles as you fight your way towards Eggman.

Time Base's Act 3 features no boss, but lets you jack Eggman's digging contraption from Undisturbed Paradise to proceed above. Right and left arrow keys control the machine's horizontal movement as you automatically travel upwards, and Fire 1 allows you to slice through small blocks as if they were Swiss cheese. Avoid metallic walls or lose a life.

Final Boss

Jog to the right to be greeted by Eggman, who is piloting a dauntingly large replica of himself with an energy pulse attachment. The strategy you should employ here is to bop the blue button on Eggman's bot, which will cause him to shoot a burst of blue energy shortly thereafter (when he backs up, he's about to strike). Your goal is to get Eggman to shoot the red button on the far left three times, after which he'll be zapped by a large laser, causing damage and sending him to the far right. The red button will then switch positions (it's either on the floor or hanging on the wall), so jump to encourage Eggman to shoot high when appropriate. Eight hits later, Eggman is toast. Keep in mind that there are no rings and Eggman strives to make your playing field as tiny as possible. There is very little room for error.

Eggman's (unexplained) plans to leave the planet in ruin are nearing completion, and his base is rapidly turning into a raging inferno. Fortunately, Sonic finds the Eggman's time machine and escapes one day into the past. Sonic materializes in the middle of Eggman's brooding from the beginning of the story and puts an end to the Doctor's infernal time machine, assumingly negating his and Tail's deaths in the past and restoring everything back to normal. Sonic flees the exploding base in spectacular fashion, ultimately being saved by Tails who swings by in the Tornado. The duo fly off into the sunset, while Eggman throws a tantrum in the smothering ruins of his base.


Performing certain feats in the main game unlocks additional zones and challenges for the player. Details on how to unlock extras were provided by parak111.

SAGE Level

To unlock, complete the main story of Sonic the Hedgehog: Time Attacked without cheating.

A level downloadable for 2002 Sonic Amateur Games Expo. The player controls the event's mascot, Spikes, through a convention center-type environment.

Christmas Levels

To unlock, complete the main story of Sonic the Hedgehog: Time Attacked without cheating.

Two levels released as a Christmas special. Features Christmas-themed items (presents instead of rings), environments, and a rendition of "Rocking in a Winter Wonderland".

Evolution of Time Attacked

To unlock, string together at least 100 links in each zone (42 in Lightspeed Park, Act 3) besides Time Base, Act 3, and the Final Boss.

A series of scrapped levels that also include early sprites, enemies and physics. Is presented chronologically, from oldest content to newest.

Time Attacked: The Beginning

To unlock, collect all five Sonic coins in each level aside from the Final Boss.

The player controls Dr. Eggman in his Eggmobile as he investigates anomalous robot behavior and discovers the time-travel technology utilized in the main story. Eggman is controlled with the arrow keys, can fire missiles to destroy enemies (Fire 1) and dash left to right (arrow keys + Fire 2).

Time Attacked Marathon Mode

Unlocked when all other extra content is earned. Features all the regular and extra levels together as one game.


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PRODUCED BY: Jamie Bailey

SPRITES: Zhan Dvega, Matrixx, Jamie Bailey, Gold Sonic, Rlan



MUSIC: Red XVI, John Weeks, Jarel Jones, Koryan, Nikolas Hall

SOUND EFFECTS: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Internat Team


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