Sonic and the Secret Extended Edition

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Sonic and the Secret Extended Edition
Version: 4.2
Last release: December 24th, 2009
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Hayate

Sonic and the Secret Extended Edition (previously known as Sonic 1: The Other Extended Edition, not to be confused with Sonic the Hedgehog Extended Edition) is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive by Hayate. It was discontinued in August 2008, after Hayate gave up on the hack due to the various bugs it had, but it was picked up again in December 2009.

Implemented Features

  • New HUD, title card font, level select
  • New music (ported from other games, credit to Tweaker, Sonic 65 and Puto IIRC)
  • New GHZ boss
  • Level transitions added, checkpoints removed
  • Autosave
  • Special stages limited to 2 minutes, GOAL spheres removed
  • Spin Dash
  • Speed limit raised
  • Screen scrolling engine fixed (includes fixing the bug where you die if you loop-jump before the GHZ1 tubes)
  • Sonic's art and palette are those from Sonic 3 (credit to Xenowhirl)
  • Overworld
  • One emerald per zone, can replay special stages after the emerald's collected
  • Some level editing including new art
  • Shields from S3&K with all their moves and functionality
  • Time limit reduced to 5 minutes per act; 2 minutes during boss fight
  • Knuckles added. He cannot yet use his gliding or climbing abilities, and has the same air moves as Sonic.
  • Super Sonic added. He plays the Super Sonic music, has the effects of both the invincibility and superspeed powerups, can jump higher, flashes yellow, depletes your rings at one per second, de-transforms at the correct times and can use the Hyper Sonic attack for a double jump in any direction, though it does not yet flash the screen to kill enemies. To become Super Sonic, you need to triple jump after obtaining at least one Chaos Emerald (to be changed to all seven when the last special stage is made) and 50 rings. Super Knuckles exists with the same moves and is also yellow.
  • Title cards edited once again, life icons upgraded to S3&K standards.
  • Fixed all the Marble Zone bugs, including recoding the entire internals of the cutscene in MZ3 so that it does now not screw up screen-locking, and the breakable blocks now give you the correct number of points instead of subtracting random numbers from your score.
  • Characters can now display up to 240 frames of animation, up from the previous 128 which was too low for the extra animation needed in SATSEE.
  • The special stages now play the equivalent music from soniNeko, thanks to nineko, and Puto for sending me his remix of this.
  • The title screen has been revamped, and when you press start, it now scrolls upwards offscreen, to be replaced by the character select screen, with no fadeouts.
  • Added the S3&K-style signpost.
  • Big and Mini Sonic added. However, only some of Big Sonic's frames are correct so far and none of Mini Sonic's, so they appear graphically glitchy.

To be done for release 5

  • Implement the Instashield for Sonic.
  • Implement gliding and climbing for Knuckles.
  • Fix the redscreen in SBZ1 and complete the design of SBZ2.
  • Fix the various issues with LZ (i.e. LZ3 waterfall, moving platforms, spikes, gargoyle heads, harpoons).
  • Finish the MZ boss and add the LZ and SYZ bosses.
  • Fix the overworld background, make the backgrounds in other zones scroll properly, and implement S3&K-style background switching for MZ.
  • Fix the caterkiller, orbinaut and walking bomb enemies.
  • Fix several block/platform objects so that you can stand and spindash on them properly.
  • Redraw certain pieces of art so they don't use player colors (e.g. special stage walls, Basarans, SYZ columns).
  • Finish the normal act of Chaos Zone and add its special stage.

Planned Features

  • Chaos Zone, accessible after completing all 6 normal zones, to contain a final act, 3 bosses and special stage
  • All zones will have new bosses, each with their own unique chase scene
  • Super characters
  • Giant enemy crab as the Super-only boss (but all characters can play it)
  • Hard mode, with different object placements and more hits per boss
  • Tails and Knuckles from Sonic 3 & Knuckles with their flying and gliding/climbing moves
  • Blaze from Sonic Rush with her hover move
  • One save slot per character
  • New intro sequence and title screen
  • Up and Down monitors from Chaotix, to change characters' size and abilities
  • Each zone's name, palette and general theme will NOT be changed
  • Instashield


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