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Sonic Zeta Overdrive
Version: Hacking Contest 2009 build
Last release: 7/6/10
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Credits: Mikel, Various

Sonic Zeta Overdrive is a hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive by Mikel. Plans as of now include adding the Centisecond timer.


  • New Level Layouts
  • New Palettes
  • New Music
  • 11 Levels
  • Sonic 2 Clone Driver
  • Flying for Tails
  • Super Peel-Out, and Jump Dash for Sonic
  • New level art
  • Bean the Dynamite as a Playable character

Planned Features

  • Centisecond Timer
  • Bean's bomb toss ability

Features confirmed by Mikel


For All Characters

Up - Look up, useful for looking up at your higher surroundings, can also be used for the Super Peel-Out (Sonic Only)

Down - Crouch, useful for looking down at your lower surroundings, can also be used for the Spin Dash

Left/Right - Move, move at the same direction to go faster, press the opposite (Left if moving right, Right if moving left) button to break.

Down + A/B/C - Spin Dash, used for rolling at fast speeds, Press any button to increase Speed

For Sonic Only

Up + A/B/C - Super Peel-Out, used for running at fast speeds, unlike the Spin Dash, you can only press any button once, since the Peel-Out is not chargeable.

Jump + A/B/C - Jump Dash (Bean's Jump Dash will be axed in the next release)

For Tails Only

Jump + A/B/C - Flying, Fly at anytime, but don't fly for too long, flying for too long can cause Tails to get tired.

Jump + A/B/C if underwater - Swimming, swim at anytime, but don't swim for too long, swimming for too long can cause Tails to get tired.

For Bean Only

A - Bomb Toss, Bean can toss a bomb at any direction (Won't be present in the next few releases)

B - High Speed Dash, Bean can do a instant spindash at the touch of the B Button

Known Bugs

  • When you are playing this hack on real hardware, you may notice when you press down while standing, the game will crash, but not the music. (Bug found by TmEE)
  • When you are fighting the MTZ3 boss as Tails, hitting the boss while flying can cause the boss to explode like an enemy, and the level will not be completable with Tails. (Bug found by Emerald Spirit)
  • When you are fighting the ARZ2 boss as Tails, Eggman cannot get hit from the bottom of the eggpod. (Bug found by Supakitsune)
  • If you beat the Special Stage after selecting it from Level Select menu you will be taken to 2P Stage select menu (Bug found by ClassicSonicTH).

If you found a bug you would like to report, PM Mikel on the Sonic Retro Forums.


  • nineko - For xm2smps, xm3smps, the boss tune from Granada, the F-Zero ending theme, and the boss theme from Sonic 2 Master System
  • Tweaker - For the Sonic 2 Clone Driver
  • Puto - For xm4smps, and Bridge Zone's music from Sonic 1 Master System
  • roxahris - For the Metal Gear 2 - Frequency 140.85 tune
  • Xenowhirl - For the Sonic 2 2007 Disassembly
  • Ollie, JcFerggy, DNXDelta, Shadow Fire and the SCAA - For compressed art
  • Dr. Kylstien - For the Peel-Out code
  • SMTP and drx - For the Tails Flying Code
  • Selbi - For the Jump Dash code
  • Stealth - For SonED2
  • sonichackman1/steven the human, Peruant, and UtopiaUK for beta testing
  • UtopiaUK - For the MTZ1, MTZ2 layouts, and the MTZ Background art
  • DalekSam - For many songs that I converted from XMs, such as the Sonic CD Speed Shoes music, and Gravity Bettle's theme from Mega Man X3.
  • DeoxysKyorge - For the Bean sprites that I built upon by adding more sprites
  • Xeric - For the Bean sprite sheet that he contributed on, and for Bean's life icon from that sprite sheet.


Download.svg Download Sonic Zeta Overdrive
File: Sonic_Zeta_Overdrive_(Hacking_Contest_2010_Build).rar (1,003 kB) (info)
Current version: Hacking Contest 2010 build

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