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These are various storylines which were created for Sonic X-treme over it's development phase. They originate from Sonic Xtreme Compendium.

Sonic Mars - by Michael Kosaka

While Sonic is away checking on a security alarm in a remote part of the Great Forest, his pals (Sally, Bunnie, Tails and Knuckles) have discovered a strange message from within one of Robotnik’s super computers. [Dr. Robotnik is trying to take over a computer VR world (Micro Mobius) and the message is a plea for help from its peaceful inhabitants.] Sonic returns to Knothole to discover that Robotnik has captured his friends and taken them into his VR world. Sonic attempts to save his friends and thwart Robotnik’s plan to “reformat” Micro Mobius.[1]

Sonic Saturn - by Christian Senn - April 28, 1995

Gamebook Introduction

Peace reigned In Mobius following Robotnik's defeat in the Floating Island Adventure. For a long time the inhabitants enjoyed a tranquil existence. It seemed to most Mobites that Robotnik had packed his bags and left their world for a different place. Sonic, though, had a different opinion. For as long as he could remember Ivo Robotnik had a burning desire to control the power of the Chaos Emeralds. It seemed odd that he would ever lose interest in them...

Sonic wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery and sent Tails to the floating island for Knuckles. Once together, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles formulated a search plan. Deciding to meet back at Knothole with any news of Robotnik's whereabouts Knuckles & Tails took off to the skies in the biplane while Sonic scorched across the land. That was the last Sonic saw of his friends...

Main Game Introduction

Fly in a spiral Mobius Chronicles newspaper reading Knuckles and Tails Missing!" with pictures (Knuckles with determined look & hint of smile and Tails with his classic big smile) and fake text below. Cross-dissolve to a dim Scene of Robotnik's palace- A wacky observatory (shaped like his head) spreading pollution into the gray sky. The camera slowly zooms in to one of the eyeglass windows to reveal a dark and mechanical laboratory. Knuckles and Tails are trapped in a cage stationed against the circular Interior wall.

Dr. Robotnik stands facing the Master Chaos Emerald in the center of the room. All sorts of robotic arm contraptions are drilling and zapping the huge gemstones trying to tap its mysterious power. The flashes bottom-light Robotnik's face as he laughs like a triumphant maniac. After a few moments the Dr. notices something strange. Leaning closer, he looks curiously disturbed as the Master Emerald glitters and clouds within. Suddenly the gem explodes in a flash of light, hurling Robotnik back against the wall next to Knuckles and Tails. The dark room is lit by rapid pulses of black light as the three stare in awe. Cut to the Master Emerald spilling out loads of foggy smoke. Cut to Knuckles and Tails looking curiously at each other.

Out of the gemstone and into the mist glide small flickering lights almost like fireflies. Cut to Robotnik sprawled on the floor, propping himself up, looking exalted and a bit frightened by the spectacle. Six tall shadows materialize and loom large over the Dr., Knuckles and Tails. Truck-in to Robotnik's sweating, shocked look as the shadows draw in and "smother" him.

Cut to a serene Knotvalley flourishing with green vegetation set in front of a classic blue sky with puffy, white clouds floating slowly by. Camera zooms out to reveal this as a reflection in Sonic's high-tec binoculars as he studies the scene from inside a Knothole tree. Sonic gets a start as a huge, dark cloudbank rockets across the sky in the distance. Lightning and a crackling thunder pierce the air.

Sonic zips out the door and spirals down the tree house trunk stairs to the ground as the storm blows closer. Sonic looks into the sky with a scowl before dashing down the hillside into the valley-. On course to meet the dark storm head-on. Sonic starts the game in Orange Grove Zone 0...

Overview and Climax

Sonic must make his way through six awesome zones to rescue his friends (and Robotnik!) with the hooded Chaos Elementals (CE) in hot pursuit. They hope to capture and banish Sonic as soon as possible, for he represents the only threat to their domination.

Before each Zone's end Sonic must combat its Element Keeper, a mechanized Boss robot designed to destroy hedgehogs. Each time a Boss is defeated, the CE come closer to pinpointing Sonic's exact whereabouts. By the end Of Zone 5, the CE will be waiting for Sonic in Gordos, a huge robot city where Knuckles, Tails and Robotnik are held prisoner.

"Why don't they just surround Sonic and banish his blue buns?" you might ask? Well, CE cannot physically move fast enough to surround our hero. They will have tried unsuccessfully to trap him many times, and their only hope lies in jointly piloting the most deadly Chaos Mega-bot to combine their 6 Elemental powers.

Sonic Twist - by Christian Senn - August 21, 1995


Sonic the Hedgehog must try and make his date with Tiara while Dr. Robotnik tries his best to twist everything into a big mess!


Sonic has until sundown to make his date with Tiara, the beautiful Manx Kitten-Princess. Their choice of a romantic spot makes for an adventurous journey as obstacles and enemies of all sorts plague Sonic’s path. The longer it takes him, the darker it gets and the more miffed Tiara will be in the end… Regardless of how long Sonic’s trek lasts, he’s in for a BIG surprise in the end. Good luck, Blue Boy!!!

Sonic wants to meet up with Tiara for a date, though the distance between them presents a bit of a problem. Sonic hangs in his Knothole crib, while Manx-baby chills in her pop's Kingdom a thousand males away!!! Sonic's got to race into and over many secret hills and valleys to get to his love. Tiara waits calmly, but Cameo footage reveals her increasing impatience. The longer he takes, the more miffed she'll be when he arrives. Sonic figures a little necklace endowed with 7 certain Chaos emeralds would make a nifty gift to cheer her up. Unfortunately, via his Sneaky Spy Satellite (S3), egg-boy Robotnik gets wind of Sonic's chivalric endeavor and sets out to stop him.

Dr. Robotnik decides that it's a great time for his new SuperDooper MegaRay Cannon. Tested on impulse power, the Cannon beamed a secluded forest In Mobius, causing its trees to rip from the ground and float in various orientations in the sky. Filled with devilish glee after a few more successful experiments, Robotnik schemes a way to stop Sonic from stealing the Emeralds AND to trap him forever! Having developed a spring- switch device to control the rotation of the floating walkways, Dr. Robotnik plans a series of puzzles and then sets the Cannon to FULL power, zapping the entire planet! When the boom and flash of light fades, Mobius is transformed! Huge chunks of wood, plant, metal and even whole houses, cars, etc.-- All ripped up, floating angellically in various angles in the sky! What a trip!

So now, to complicate the distance/ time issue, Sonic has a warped "twisted" world to navigate through that's filled with Robotnik's badniks! And to think that all Sonic wants is a nice, quiet good old-fashioned date! It's going to be more than half the fun getting there...


  • Circus Theatre - The ultimate floating amusement park with the latest in party technology! Ferocious robots remain caged within huge, ornate boxcars. Colorful tent- like structures riddle the sky. All sorts of wacky carnival games jump out at every corner. Sonic must be careful not to get too caught up in the fun or he'll miss his date!
  • Gadget Mall - Imagine every appliance, computer, TV, VCR, stereo, washing machine, refrigerator-- Everything you've ever wanted (or not!) in one complete air sale taking up 200 cubic miles!!! Wowo—Look out Sears! Technology—Old and New! Best deals in town! All floating wonders will do something for or against Sonic, so watch out little buddy!
  • Mayan Tombs - Huge carved structures made from all sorts of wood populate the spacious, heavenly ruins of the Mayan Tombs. From ornate totem poles, to huge wood and iron gates, to ivy-covered walls of stone, this level proves dangerous in its maze-like system of tricky traps. Look out Indy, here comes Blue-belt Jones!!!
  • Blackjax - Las Vegas in the sky! Dark skies with red-lit carpet, twinkling and dazzling the eye for miles! Every known (and unknown) slot-machine and poker game erupts from the blackness. Card tricks and white magician gloves play this glittery paradise as an irresistible diversion for even the strongest of Hedgehogs.
  • Deepseas - Blue, viscous currents flow small plankton-like creatures through enormous Waterworlds. Mechanical sharks and fish school about the aqua plains in and among the huge, geometric corral reefs. Underwater Tech Farms dot the reef and lava beds dangling motionless in the deep, blue ocean. Check your air gauge Sonic!
  • Madtraffic - The worst parts of Los Angeles, New York City and even the Bay Area seem to have been transplanted into one, huge metropolis of winding freeways. Thousands of tons of concrete and metal intertwine in the sky, making a twisted, woven mesh of roadways and building pit stops. Don't get hit by the cabs, and don't get mugged Blue Boy!
  • Inferno - A gaseous atmosphere booms with explosions as large chunks of cooled lava riddle the sky. The nastiest metal byproducts co-exist in this hellish version of a bizarre, semi-inhabitable sun. Spike plates and robotic deathtraps lurk behind every slab of iron. Lava light and siren lights illuminate this otherwise dim scene of pain. Good luck making your date now, dude!

SonicBOOM - by Christian Senn


Dr. Robotnik infects Sonic with a deadly Doom virus. Robotnik himself was previously infected and his plan is to trick Sonic into getting the cure and then snatch it away. Sonic meets professor Boobowski, the only man in Mobius who can save him. He tells Sonic that he needs to collect the cure ingredients from different worlds as quickly as possible. Professor Boobowski takes the ingredients from Sonic as he gets them and begins preparing the wonder cure. Robotnik kidnaps the professor just prior to Sonic acquiring the last ingredient. Disguised as Boobowski, Dr. Robotnik tries to trick Sonic into handing over the final ingredient. Sonic recognizes the trap and then the two titans battle it out for a climactic ending fight!


Sonic starts the game with the task of rescuing a damsel in distress. Tiara, a beautiful Manx kitten, has been chained to a wooden platform dangled loosely over a bed of spikes. Without a second thought, Sonic nimbly rescues her from certain doom. Troubled, she thanks him but says that this was a trap set by Sonic's arch enemy Robotnik. She explains that the chains that bound her were laced with a deadly virus, and by touching them, Sonic became infected with the Doom sickness. "Only one man knows the cure, and he's in the castle atop Misty Peak" she continues. Sonic thanks her and dashes off...

Making his way through the woods, Sonic finds himself looking out on a huge sleepy valley prefacing what appears to be the Misty Peak. Stopping only moments to admire the view, Sonic zooms down into the valley to find a route to the castle. Reaching it without much trouble Sonic enters the opened drawbridge with echoes careening off the damp, stone walls. An old, stooped man steps into the courtyard. "Who are you and what do you want?!" yells the man. Sonic, unsure of his predicament exclaims," I'm Sonic and the kitten Tiara told me to find the man in the castle on Misty Peak." The old man, raising an eyebrow, responds, "How do you know Tiara?" Sonic explains how he rescued her ending with, "...and she told me that, I guess, YOU are the only one with the cure?" "That is so. I apologize for being so inhospitable. I'm professor Boobowski and my daughter Tiara was kidnapped by Robotnik a short while ago. Thank you so much for rescuing her-- But enough about that! Let's get you cured!" Boobowski grabs Sonic and they scramble down the basement stairs.

The dangling lamps slowly flicker on with a buzz illuminating an old, classic laboratory, like something from a cheesy sci-fi film. Viles with fluid bubble and boil to life as the professor wakes the old forgotten laboratory. "I haven't been down here in years," exclaims the professor as he leads Sonic down yet another flight of stairs. They enter a large stone room with ancient shields and tapestries hung on its walls resting above floor plates painted with pain-staking detail.

In response to Sonic's questioning glance, Boobowski explains that this is the Twist Chamber. "I'm too old to go and find all of the ingredients for your cure," says Boobowski. "This room lets you get to the different worlds that have what you'll need. This is how it works: Just walk onto the floor plate that represents the world you wish to go to. Tell me you're ready and I'll hit the wall switch to whisk you away."

"How do I get back?" pipes Sonic.

"Well, once you complete the world task you're automatically whisked back. I'll tell you each task and fill you in on pointers to keep you out of trouble."

"Has Robotnik gotten to any of these worlds?" grumbles Sonic.

"Not to my knowledge-- But be careful anyways- Oh! I almost forgot! These worlds are a little different then I'm sure you're used to..."

Sonic squints his eyes wearily, "What do you mean?"

"Well, the gravity in them is a bit strange. You can walk on walls and ceilings and such."

"What?! How can I do that?" barks a wide-eyed Sonic.

"You'll figure it out-- Hurry! You don't have much time! Pick a world and I'll send you there!"

Sonic DOOM - by Christian Senn and Richard Wheeler - January 17, 1996

Non-interactive Intro

Flash into (with "flash-in" SFX) scene with the Giant (about Sonic's height) Master Chaos Emerald suspended from the ceiling illuminating (a la Strong Spotlight action!) a bound and gagged Tiara struggling to be free.

Flash (again, with "flash-in" SFX) Sonic zipping in and stopping a few feet in front of her. After a short pause he zips (like a whirlwind) around Tiara and frees her from her bonds. Frantically she gasps-

"Sonic! You've been poisoned!!!"

"What? Don't I even get a 'Thank you?'"

"Yes, but-- Oh Sonic, you must hurry! I'm weak from the Chaos... You must go to my father in the castle. He's the only one who knows the Cure. Hurry Sonic! Before it's too late for us all..."

"But you're..."

"Just GO!!!"

With no time to waste, Sonic Spin Dashes into the distance as the dark scene fades quickly to white (with "flash-in" SFX for the last time, really!).

Game Start and Flow

Fade in from white to Level 1 starting point in the Emerald Hills Zone. Solid sheets of land comprise the basic layout- No holes or anything too dangerous to interact with. The concept is for the player to get a grasp of basic 3D gameplay within Sonic's universe.

Sonic must eventually find the castle in Emerald Hills Zone. Once there, he meets Professor Boobowski. Learning of his daughters rescue and sickness, "Booby" pushes Sonic into the task of gathering the Cure "as quickly as is hedgehogly possible!"

Sonic now learns some tips about the tasks ahead of him:

From Professor Boobowski's "Map Room" Sonic can be warped to 18 or so different dimensions or "Acts" (assuming 6 Zones with 3 Acts apiece).

Within each Act, Sonic must retrieve its Cure Item, and then automatically warp back to the Map Room. Sonic can also warp back to the Map Room by returning to the Act's "Warp Entry Stone"-- a specific spot per Act where Sonic warps to/from.

The nine Bonus Rounds must be completed to receive each of the nine Power-ups available to Sonic.

Sonic encounters enemies made of either Metal, Stone or Wood. These represent the opposing elements to the three Shield types available to Sonic (i.e. Water, Fire and Lightning).

Bosses must be fought to access the Cure Items of the Acts. Unlike previous Sonic games, these are highly mutated in nature, sod of "metal-gone-organic."

To technically explain each Act's time limit: Boobowski has a limited Warp Energy supply, and the further away a dimension or Act is, the shorter the time Sonic will have to complete it.

In addition, Sonic has a total, or global, Sick time in which to retrieve ALL of the various Cure items in the game before falling irretrievably sick to the DoomVirus.

Each Cure Item should be humorous in nature. Some examples include a gumball, some herbs, a laser cannon and an old shoe.

Upon returning with the final Cure Item, Sonic finds that the Professor has been replaced by a most suspicious-looking character. Five sizes too large for the Professor's white gown, the stranger hangs a loose fitting and obviously fake white heard- Black pointy mustache jutting out suspiciously from its sides. When the stranger demands the final Cure Item, Sonic resolutely refuses, sending the character into hysterics.

"Fine! Have it YOUR way blue boy!" yells the stranger, and with a rip and a roar the madman tears off his costume to reveal none other than ROBOTNIK!!!

Breaking the floor below him, Robotnik jumps down into the final Dungeon Arena level of our game. Sonic must eventually fight Robotnik who pilots the Super Mega Boss designed especially for this climactic battle. Whoever wins gets the Cure... *The hole in the Map Room floor remains open, whilst Sonic can revisit various Acts to build up his power for the "Big Fight." [Every full minute Sonic spends in an Act (following Robotnik's disappearance) raises the Mega Boss's difficulty rating.]

End Game Sequence

Left half of the screen flashes in (no SFX this time) the details of how the Master Chaos Emerald was cracked.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik tried to tap its power and broke it, contracting the Doom Virus.

Robotnik tries unsuccessfully to extract information for a Cure from Professor Boobowski, the most famous Doctor in all of Mobius.

Other forms of extortion failing, Robotnik schemes a very sneaky plan to snatch the Cure right out from under Boobowski's nose undetected!

He starts by kidnapping Boobowski's precious daughter Tiara.

Relying on Sonic's inability to resist rescuing any creature in danger, Robotnik sets the broken Master Chaos Emerald above Tiara, his bait.

Sonic finds Tiara, our damsel in distress, and rushes to her rescue- Ignorant of the trap set for him by Robotnik.

As planned, Sonic contracts the DoomVirus and sets out to find Tiara's father and hopefully the Cure. Planning to snatch the Cure from Sonic as soon as he gets it, Robotnik focuses on the next phase of his plan.

Robotnik sets his slave-bots to constructing his Super Mega Boss, while other spy-bots to keep track of Sonic's progress.

The remaining half of the screen is black with a caricature of each team member paired with their respective credits scrolling slowly upwards. Music should be the only thing we hear, and it should relax the player who has spent MANY hours getting to this resolution.

Chaos & the DoomVirus

For thousands of years the "ChaosDoom," or Element Legion lay trapped, suspended in a state of lonely silence within the Master Chaos Emerald, watching seasons in the outside worlds come and go, generations birth and die.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik, convinced there was some ultimate power within, succeeded in breaking the Emerald, providing a long-awaited exit for the ChaosDoom. No longer trapped, they waste no time in spreading their evil throughout Mobius and its surrounding dimensions.

Initially (and in this game) though, all that takes affect is the DoomVirus, the poisonous atmosphere suitable only for the ChaosDoom. Any living creature coming in contact with the atmospheric rays of the broken Master Emerald fall into sickness, and eventually wither sway- Unless the Cure is found in time.

Robots and creatures made of Metal, Stone or Wood are controlled by and serve as initial hosts for the ChaosDoom. Even Robotnik's Boss Robots do their bidding. All of these machines are bent on destroying Sonic, for he alone poses a threat to ChaosDoom.

ChaosDoom's main problem is that in order to fully escape the clutches of the Master Chaos Emerald, they need TIME. Not a subscription to the magazine, but maybe a year to fully develop outside of their "egg."

To the ChaosDoom, the longer Sonic can be delayed or even eliminated the more time they have to develop. Protecting the Acts with robots and the Cure Items with big, huge and nasty Bosses will hopefully accomplish this.

Sequel Setup

Even with Boobowski's extensive research and study of Chaos, he remains unaware of one vital piece of information: The Master Chaos Emerald must be resealed in order for the Cure to have a permanent effect. ChaosDoom knows that if Sonic succeeds, they will lose their freedom. They are NOT planning on going back to their "cage."

The ChaosDoom is a brotherhood of 6 magical monks warped in both mind and body whilst on vacation in the Master Chaos Emerald. Each wields a power from the Elements of the Universe. These include: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal, Lightning, Stone. Forming an imaginary circle (i.e. following Stone is Fire again...), each element is more powerful than its neighbor-- Thus creating a sort of Yin-Yang sphere of influence.

Already controlling Robotnik's machines, the ChaosDoom plan to personally destroy any opposition following their development period. The plan for the sequel is to incorporate these 6 "Bosses" as Sonic's new enemies- Far out-powering Robotnik in mind and might.

Characters: (in order of appearance)

  • Sonic: The dashing young hedgehog we have come to know and love. Never idle (except when left unattended for more than 5 seconds!) he's practiced a new "Ringthrowing" technique that will come in handy during his adventure.
  • Tiara B.: Referred to as "princess" by her father Gazebo, Tiara plays a minor supporting role as bait for Robotnik's fiendish trap. Potentially a future character, she's smart, spunky and swift-- more than a "match" for Sonic.
  • Professor Gazebo Boobowski: The only man who knows the Cure to the deadly DoomVirus, "Booby" lives rather eccentrically in his castle on top of the hill. A passion for the unknown led this kooky little man to the study of everything about Chaos Emeralds.
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik: The rotund recluse that just won't quit! Impersonating Pandora a little too closely, he foolishly breaks the Master Chaos Emerald and spills out the Chaos (oops). Didn't anyone tell him to leave well enough alone?! Infected, Robotnik devises a way to get Sonic to do all of the work in finding the mysterious Cure. What a stinker!

SonicPC - by Christian Senn


Dashing through the snow, Sonic the Hedgehog is captured by one of Robotnik’s Space Balloons and taken to a prison galaxy far away. Sonic will explore many exciting worlds while on his adventure home.


Long ago, there was an evil man named Ivo Robotnik. He spent his time building robots that built smoky factories that churned out more robots with one goal: To take over the world. Thank goodness for one courageous creature. Enter Sonic, a fast and furious little hedgehog intent on having fun in the sun. Through the use of his wits and speed, Sonic was able to defeat the evil Robotnik and stop his domination. With help from the creatures of the world, Sonic jettisoned Robotnik to a galaxy far, far away – Hoping the rotund recluse would start his life anew.

For years the world enjoyed peace. The air was clean and the creatures were safe. No more robots. No more terror. But one day, things changed. Creatures began disappearing from their homes without a trace. More and more dark shapes moved soundlessly through the night. A shadow engulfed the world and everyone knew something bad was about to happen...

Sonic, on vacation in the Ice Caps, is snowdashing back to the lodge. Taking turns and jumps at high speeds, the little blue hedgehog is a streak of swiftness. As Sonic drops down the final frozen run, he notices something strange. There is no bridge! “What the--?!” gasps Sonic as he skids, arching to a stop beside a crystal chasm. Sonic wipes his brown in relief.

Suddenly, a huge black spider-like shape rises from the ravine. Sonic leaps in panicked surprise as the scene fades to black...

...Sonic wakes up to find himself captured by this “Space Balloon,” a pod designed by Robotnik to trap life forms for future use. Sonic has been traveling millions of light-years in the Space Balloon returning to Robotnik’s massive Death Egg. Once Sonic realizes what’s going on, he Spin Dashes the heck out of the pod’s computer panels, sending it hurtling toward the Jade Gully jungle planet...[2]

SONIC XTREME - by Yasuhara Hirokazu and Richard Wheeler


After Robotnik's defeat at the Floating Island, things returned to normal for Sonic and his friends. Robotnik however, had not been idle, and returned with an even grander scheme to conquer the world.

Robotnik has rebuilt his Death Egg fortress, larger than Sonic's entire world! So powerful is its gravity that it can rip planets from their orbits. Already several planets orbited the huge fortress, and Robotnik would not rest until Sonic's world was in his clutches as well!

Already the world is being drawn to the Death Egg. Sonic has to act quickly to stop Robotnik. Tails has managed to create a working teleport pod that can send Sonic to the Death Egg. There was no time to contact Knuckles, so Tails will stay behind and operate the teleport pod and Sonic will travel to the heart of the Death Egg and destroy it.

But as Sonic was teleporting, one of the small planets surrounding the Death Egg changed course and intercepted Sonic! Sonic found himself on a strange world, surrounded by Badnik robots! Already the inhabitants of this world had been captured and changed into his evil minions. Robotnik had prepared a cunning trap, and Sonic had walked right into it.

Everything had gone as Robotnik had planned. He knew that Sonic would try to get to his new Death Egg, and had changed the creatures called Mips into Badniks. Then by controlling the planet's orbit, he had led Sonic right into his trap!

"HA! HA! Now I've got you, you spiky blue freak! You won't stop me this time!"

Sonic must free the captive Mips, make his way to the new Death Egg, and destroy it quickly. If he fails, the world will belong to Robotnik forever!


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