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Sonic News Network
Current owner(s): Various admins control the site.
Type of site: Information
Created on: 11th September, 2005
Current status: Online

Sonic News Network (abbreviated SNN) is a Sonic-related wiki. The wiki was founded by Guess Who, a long-standing Oldbie and now Moderator of Sonic Retro, although he only founded it and left the site alone almost immediately after, having made only 10 edits.[1] Another prominent member of Sonic Retro who has contributed to SNN is Frozen Nitrogen, one of Retro’s Wiki Sysops, who began his wikifying career there before porting his articles to here.

Currently, SNN has 13 active administrators. It covers various subjects related to Sonic the Hedgehog series, including the video game, comic, and television series continuities, as well as real world subjects. The site encourages people to visit a sister wiki called Mobius Encyclopedia, alongside many other sister wikis such as Sonic the Comic Wiki (for those interested in the Sonic the Comic comic series) and Sega Wiki (for those interested in other Sega characters as well). The wiki also has forums and a chat room for socializing within the community. At over 10,000 mainspace articles, Sonic News Network is the largest online Sonic-related encyclopedia in the English language.

The wiki is advertisement-supported, which means there are several sidebars advertising products.