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General bugs

Sonic 2 Mega Collection code

In Sonic 2 sound test play 7E,7E,0,1,2,3,4. Then hit z and go to the title screen via the option screen. You should hear a weird version of Emerald Hill playing. The snare drum sample will be amplified to the point of crackling. It should be noted that some of the tracks on the sound test (especially those in the last ten slots) have the potential to freeze or crash the game when selected.

  • Not fixed in any version

Sonic 3 glitch

Go to the Sonic 3 level select menu and enter any act one except for Angel Island or Icecap. Now hit z and go to title screen via the menu. Go back to the level select screen (you don't have to reenter the code, but you should enter debug mode) and go to special stage act 2 (the one that does not loop). Lose (it is quicker) and hold b until the level starts. Now play through act 1 of the level. When you reach act 2 it will be messed up. Use debug mode to explore the act.

  • Not fixed in any version

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