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Xbox One version

  • 1.0 (2017/08/15): Initial release.

PlayStation 4 version

  • 1.0 (2017/08/15): Initial release.

Nintendo Switch version

  • 1.04 (2018/07/17): Sonic Mania Plus update.
    • See Sonic Mania Plus update for general Plus information.
    • The "Dunkey" Easter egg, which was removed from other console versions in v1.03, has been removed from this version.
    • Video capture support has been added, allowing players to record 30-second clips by holding the Capture button at any time.
    • A screen burn-in reduction feature has been implemented. If there is no player activity for 5 minutes, the screen will dim.
  • 1.03 (2017/09/25): [1][2]
    • The "Super" transformation has been moved to a separate button.
    • Using the Bubble Shield bounce as the second act of a zone started no longer crashes the game.
    • The game no longer saves your score after finishing a game file. Starting on any level from a finished game file resets the score to 0.
    • Some general bug fixes such as glitching into Knuckles' section in Green Hill with Sonic.
    • HOME and POWER button delay has been fixed.
    • Press Garden Act 2 had a path with a row of 4 ice cubes that you couldn't get past without the fire shield. If you had Super Sonic without Tails, you were locked in there until the Super form wore off. That row of ice cubes has been cut down to two to compensate for that situation should it occur.
    • The level design for the Stardust Speedway Act 2 boss area has been altered to prevent Tails from flying over the Eggman machine and bypassing it.
    • Using the Drop Dash on the Tornado as Super Sonic in Mirage Saloon Act 1 no longer crashes the game.
    • Tails (or Knuckles if "& Knuckles" is active) as a partner now changes size when respawning in areas where a size change is necessary in Metallic Madness Act 2.
    • Reaching the boss area of Titanic Monarch Act 2 no longer cancels your Super form.
    • It is no longer possible to access the level select via the title screen. It must now be done via a "No Save" game on the Save Select screen with Debug Mode enabled.
    • Debug controls have been changed. Y now toggles object placement mode, B cycles forward through objects, B + X cycles backwards through objects, A cycles through monitor subtypes, and X places objects.
    • Teleporters and Random monitors can no longer be placed in Debug Mode.
    • Giant Rings placed in Debug Mode now only give the player 50 rings rather than take the player to the Special Stage.
  • 1.0 (2017/08/15): Initial release.

Steam: RC 1.06.0503

We're pleased to announce that patch 1.06.0503 is now live!

Patch notes:
• Fixed an issue where a controller didn’t always get detected
• Increased the amount of storage size a user could access for the replay data.
• Fixed an issue where the check for compatible shaders was not performed when the game starts.

Thank you for supporting Sonic Mania!

Steam: RC 1.03.0919

Added the Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean localization support

Steam: RC 1.03.0831

We've fixed some other bugs including a soft lock issue in No Save mode. It occurred for some users after defeating the Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2 boss if you'd collected all the Chaos Emeralds. Let us know if you encounter any other issues.

Steam: 2017-08-30

We’d like to thank the community for their honest feedback with regards to Sonic Mania on PC. We’ve found the problem within the game code that was stopping people playing offline and it’s been corrected by the dev team. The fix is now being tested by SEGA QA to ensure it is working properly and we’ll let you know when it will be implemented via our social channels ASAP. We’ve looked into the DRM complaints and can confirm this was not the cause of the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience any of the bugs may have caused players of the PC version at launch and would like to reassure them again, that as with this particular bug, we are on the case and working on fixes so everyone can have an uninterrupted and enjoyable experience playing Sonic Mania both online and offline.

Sonic Mania Plus update

  • Released on 2018/07/17 as either v1.04 or v1.05, depending on platform.
    • Credits for Hyperkinetic Studios have been added.
    • The main menu has been completely overhauled. Everything is now a list on the right of the screen, with previews on the left.
    • The player's username is now displayed in the bottom-left corner of the main menu just like in the Xbox One version.
    • If the player does not have Sonic Mania Plus, a DLC option appears in the main menu, which allows the player to purchase the Encore DLC and upgrade to Plus.
    • The Secrets menu in Mania Mode has been changed to "Game Options", and most of its options can now be used on save files. An option to disable the time limit has also been added.
    • New cheats have been added to the secret level select in Mania Mode.
    • Continues have been enabled on save files, allowing players to earn them in the Special Stage.
    • Quitting the game now takes you to the respective mode's menu instead of the main menu.
    • Time Attack's menu interface has been altered, and a new results screen is displayed when reaching the goal.
    • The Time Attack leaderboards have been reset.
    • It is no longer possible to select the same character as another player in Competition Mode.
    • Screen layout settings have been added to Competition Mode, allowing players to play without stretched screens.
    • The countdown jingle now plays when one or more players have only 12 seconds left to reach the goal in Competition Mode.
    • There is a new data option in the settings which allows the player to delete all saves in Mania Mode (and Encore if they have Mania Plus), medallions, replays (if they have Mania Plus), all save data and Time Attack scores.
    • New zone transitions have been added to the zones that lacked them (e.g. Flying Battery Zone).
    • Super Sonic now has a complete set of sprite animations.
    • Tails now has an animation at the beginning of Chemical Plant Zone. It is different from the unused one found in previous versions.
    • The unused frozen sprites for Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles have been implemented.
    • Various bosses have been adjusted.
    • The final phase of the Metal Sonic boss fight has been changed completely.
    • Characters now slide down the water slides in Hydrocity Zone instead of sliding on them.
    • Characters other than Knuckles will no longer turn into Knuckles should they fight the Heavy King.
    • The "Try Again" screen now plays the sample heard at the end of Sonic CD's Japanese bad ending. Leaving the screen makes the screen flash while playing a Phantom Ruby sound effect.
    • A results screen is now displayed at the end of Mania Mode (and Encore Mode in Mania Plus), listing the player's clear times for each zone and their total completion time.


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