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Glitches specific to Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus.

Act 1

Tails intro animation

SonicMania Bug CPZTailsIntro.png

For whatever reason, while Sonic and Knuckles have their own unique animations that would play when a chemical drop landed on their heads during the intro to Chemical Plant Zone, Tails did not have one, as he instead looked upward. An animation existed within the internal sprite sheets, but went unused.[1]

Fixed in v1.04/Sonic Mania Plus. The new animation is different from the unused one in earlier versions.

Act 2

Misaligning the Mean Bean Machine camera

SonicMania Bug CPZMeanBeanMisalignedCamera.png

If Mighty immediately performs a Hammer Drop at the right time when he lands in the Mean Bean Machine arena, the camera will be misaligned slightly. This does not affect gameplay enough to cause an issue for the player.

Not fixed in any version.

Trapped in the Mean Bean Machine

If the player holds Right after Eggman loses the match in the Mean Bean Machine, the player will trap themselves inside their small space and will have to restart the level to get out.

Fixed in v1.03/RC 1.03.0829.

Break the post-Act 2 cutscene

SonicMania Bug CPZCutsceneBreak1.png
SonicMania Bug CPZCutsceneBreak2.png

When playing in Encore Mode, or as Sonic and Tails together in Mania Mode, if the main character stands before the spring and has the other character break the capsule off-screen at the end of Act 2, the main character will not be able to enter the tube that leads to Studiopolis Zone as they will be stuck pushing the spring. This softlocks the game and requires the player to restart the game.

Partially fixed in v1.04/Sonic Mania Plus. The bug still occurs, but the player can still advance to Studiopolis Zone by pressing Start to skip the cutscene.


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