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Sonic Maker
Engine: Visual Basic[1], Game Maker 8[2]
Credits: Lapper[1]
Operating system: Windows PC
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Sonic Maker is a fan Sonic the Hedgehog stage creation program for Windows PCs. Developed by Sonic scene member Lapper in 2009[1], it is one of the first Sonic stage creation programs produced entirely by a fan. Designed to be user-friendly with a "point and click" interface for placing common objects such as rings and item boxes, it allows users to easily create and test stages on the fly.


The idea for a fangame Sonic stage editor took initial form, at least for me, with the creation of 'Sonic Maker' in 2009. It was inspired by the PlaySega Sonic level creator. I was, unfortunately, unable to give Sonic Level Creator a try, so I gathered what little I knew of programming at the time and took it into my own hands. 'Sonic Maker' included a rudimentary stage editor created in Visual Basic, and used an old GM8 Sonic framework separate from the editor to play stages.



The in-development fan level creator Sonic Studio (produced by the same developer) serves as Sonic Maker's spiritual successor.

Production credits

Technical information

Sonic Maker's editor is coded in Visual Basic, while it uses Game Maker 8 to play created stages.[2]

Prior versions


  • Version 3
  • Version 2
  • Version 1