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This page has a list of magazine articles covering Sonic Jam.

File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg "The Red-Hot Rumour Department!"
Single mention of a Sonic compilation disc for Saturn, titled "Sonic Series".
Logo-pdf.svg "The Real Sonic Coming to Saturn!"
Short article mentioning a new 3D Sonic Team game, which uses the NiGHTS engine. Most likely this is in reference to Sonic Jam's Sonic World mini-game.
File:CVG UK 187.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Jam!"
Two-page article about Sonic Jam's appearance at the Spring '97 Tokyo Game Show. Programmer Yuji Naka attended the show to explain the project.
Logo-pdf.svg "News: Sonic's Back!!!"
Logo-pdf.svg "Coming Soon: Sonic Jam"
Two-page article preview of the game. The early version the writer played is said to be 40% complete, with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles not yet in the game. The Sonic World mini-game is mostly or entirely complete.
Logo-pdf.svg "Hot E3 Picks: Sonic Jam."
A one-page preview of Sonic Jam by Toxic Tommy in the July 1997 issue of GamePro. It is highlighted as an "E3 Pick" from E3 1997.
Logo-pdf.svg "A blast from the past!"
Logo-pdf.svg "Frontline News: Sonic Jam: Exclusive Update!"
Logo-pdf.svg "Coming Soon: Sonic Jam"
One-page preview of the game, said to be 70% complete and set for an August 1997 release in the UK.
Logo-pdf.svg "Sneak Preview: Sonic Jam"
A small preview of Sonic Jam featured in the August 1997 issue of GamePro. At the time of its writing, the game was 70 percent complete.
Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Sonic Jam"
A two-page review of Sonic Jam in the August 1997 issue of British gaming magazine Sega Saturn Magazine. Reviewer Lee Nutter gave the game a 85% rating for graphics, 82% for sound, 92% for playability and 91% for lastability culminating in a 92% overall rating.
Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Sonic Jam"
Three-page review of the game. The writer praises the compilation as being good value for money, and the game themselves for having aged well.
Logo-pdf.svg "Preview: Sonic Jam"
Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Saturn - Sonic Jam"
Logo-pdf.svg "Saturn ProReviews: Sonic Jam"


Ultra Game Players (US) #98: "June 1997"

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NiGHTS Adventure (December 2007)

This clip mentions how Sonic World was a prototype Sonic Adventure.


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