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Clean pause

To make the pause menu vanish, press X+Y+Z.

Sonic World "Game Taikai Mode"

SonicJam Saturn SonicWorld AltMode1.png
SonicJam Saturn SonicWorld AltMode2.png

At the title screen menu, highlight Sonic World and press and hold A+Start until Sonic World begins. This will start "Game Taikai Mode" (ゲーム大会モード)[1], a one minute "tournament" mode that was used when Sonic Jam was demonstrated at Tokyo Game Show 1997 Spring[1].

During this mode, the time attack wheel is removed and Sonic cannot access any buildings. There is a brief countdown when starting, a timer appears, and after a minute, the game resets, likely to discourage TGS visitors from spending too long at the exhibit. Contrary to what was reported at the time, there is no goal in this mode. Sonic can collect Rings, but obtaining all 100 (which is very challenging given the limited time available) does nothing, nor does touching all the lamp posts or finding Tails.

The mode loops endlessly until the player exits via the pause menu.

Loop movie

While in the movie theater in Sonic World, hold Z while choosing a movie in the movie theater to make it loop.

View movies in order

While in the movie theater in Sonic World, hold X and press A. This will cause all the movies will play one after the other.

Misplaced path

SonicJam Saturn SonicWorldPath.png

By fiddling with the camera in Sonic World, it is possible to find a unused piece of path behind the waterfall. It is reachable by using a glitch to go out of bounds, as explained here.

Unused content

Music and sound effects

Through digging, a short, unused music track was found inside the game, as well as an unused sound effect.

PC content

Load the game disc into a Windows PC to access four BMP wallpapers in an EXTRA folder, both in 256-colour (8-bit) and 16 million-colour (24-bit) varieties. These have been converted to PNG below:

256 colours

16 million colours


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