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Clean pause

To make the pause menu vanish, press X+Y+Z.

Sonic World time attack


At the title screen menu, highlight Sonic World and press and hold A+Start until Sonic World begins and a clock timer appears. Collect 100 rings before the time runs out to receive a Secret Surprise.

Loop movie

While in the movie theater in Sonic World, hold Z while choosing a movie in the movie theater to make it loop.

View movies in order

While in the movie theater in Sonic World, hold X and press A. This will cause all the movies will play one after the other.

Misplaced path


By fiddling with the camera in Sonic World, you can find a unused piece of path behind the waterfall. It's viewable by using a glitch, see this YouTube video.

Unused content

Music and sound effects

Through digging, a short, unused music track was found inside the game, as well as an unused sound effect.


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