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Sonic Jam has gone through various changes over its development process. The following details several of these changes.

Development process

Early in development, the game was reportedly known under the working title of Sonic 3D.[1] According to developer Neil Harding, the 3D Special Stages in the Saturn version of Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island were taken directly from an early version of Sonic Jam[1] at the behest of Sega of Japan, who was growing upset with Jam's delays and wished to use the code elsewhere.[2]

The name Sonic Jam was suggested by Satoshi Okano, who was inspired by '90s hip hop culture.[3] The runner-up name was Sonic Mania, suggested by Kazuyuki Hoshino.[4] The name Sonic Mania was eventually used for a game released in 2017.

Early game design


Sonic World

Balloon placement




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