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Sonic World bugs

Out of bounds

SonicJam Saturn SonicWorld OutOfBounds 1.png
Run into this curious corner...
SonicJam Saturn SonicWorld OutOfBounds 2.png
... jump into the wall where the river ends...
SonicJam Saturn SonicWorld OutOfBounds 3.png
...and you can get out of bounds.
SonicJam Saturn SonicWorld OutOfBounds 4.png
Unfortunately there isn't much to see....
SonicJam Saturn SonicWorld OutOfBounds 5.png
... save for a better look at this misplaced path.

From the entrance, follow the wall on the left until you reach the end of the river. Jump over the river to try land, keep going right, running into the wall as you move. Eventually you will find an odd area of collision; run into the corner for a bit, return to the river end, and you will find that you will be able to jump through the scenery and out of bounds. This trick works best with the PAL version of the game; it is extremely hard, if not impossible, in the NTSC versions.

There is very little to see out of bounds, though if the player travels in one direction far enough, various oddities will occur, such as textures and lighting disappearing of behaving weirdly. Advancing far enough will lead the player to a completely empty copy of the level with only the ground textures; this is because the Saturn's VDP2 is rendering an infinite plane for Sonic World's floor, and after a while it begins to wrap (while there are no instructions for VDP1, responsible for rendering everything else, to do anything once the player reaches these coordinates). Eventually the values representing Sonic's coordinates will overflow, and the player will loop around, bringing the level geometry back into view.

It is possible to get back into the actual level is and return by jumping in through the same part of the wall, though if the angle isn't correct, there is a possibility of the game crashing.

Not fixed in any version.

Game-specific bugs

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

CNZ mid-air actions in anti-gravity

SonicJam Saturn Bug S3&K CNZ AntigravityMidAirAction.png

A bug that allowed the player to perform mid-air actions on Carnival Night Zone's anti-gravity platform in vanilla Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was fixed in the original Mega Drive version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. For some reason, Sonic Jam reverts the bugfix back to its Sonic 3 behaviour for the locked-on game, therefore allowing the player to experience this bug using Knuckles' glide. This results in Knuckles getting stuck mid-glide on the platforms until the player lets go of the buttons, after which he can move about on the platforms as normal during his falling state.

Not fixed in any version.

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