Sonic Heroes (GameCube prototype; 2003-10-08)

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Sonic Heroes (GameCube prototype; 2003-10-08)
Prerelease of: Sonic Heroes
System: Nintendo GameCube
Build date: 2003-10-08
Source: NR disc
Found by: drx

The 2003-10-08 build of Sonic Heroes is a prototype build of Sonic Heroes for the Nintendo GameCube. It was released by drx during the February 23rd, 2008 proto release. Of the two Sonic Heroes prototypes released by drx on that date, this is the earliest and most changed.


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Various differences

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General differences

  • By default, 10.8 has the Japanese language selected, but you can select the English language from the game's menu.
  • The ADX logo at startup is present. It is not in the final and was not in any of the Sonic games. It is also present in the SADX Preview and a SA2 prototype.
  • The blend mode for the white subtitles was changed from additive to screen and the drop shadow layer was added to it.
  • There is a debug mode enabled in this build. It is enabled during a level by pressing L+R, and has four functions:
    • D-Pad Up - Increases your number of lives.
    • D-Pad Left - All characters level up.
    • D-Pad Right - Instant Team Blast gauge fill up.
    • D-Pad Down - Increases your number of rings.
  • The title screen is different, but it is almost identical to the E3 Demo on the GameCube and Xbox.
  • The main menu is different. You can only move the cursor up and down in the beta, unlike the multiple directional movement available in final. Also, the tabs on the top left of the four options are missing.
  • The options menu has additional settings such as being able to switch audio output to Dolby Pro Logic II and the famous Deflicker option (Also present in SADX Preview and SA2 proto)
  • When going to the Languages section in Options, pressing Down will jump you around the place, meaning that languages were maybe meant to be reordered into a different order.
  • The translations sometimes lack grammar which is possibly due to a bad translation engine. An example is starting a gamesave: 'FILE IS CREATING'
  • On the team select screen the position of each character is a little off from the final. Not only are they off, but they are in different poses.
  • All the music/CGI movies are already enabled for viewing in this build. However, the players don't work for them yet. They are only viewable in story mode (Team Chaotix was confirmed). The movies are quieter and the background music may be missing. Some of them that appear later in the game lack sound effects (Metal Sonic has his normal voice, it's not filtered).
  • All of the levels (including the final story areas) are already unlocked on the main menu.
  • Most of the levels to select in 2-Player Mode and Boss Stages have the Word 'TEMP' written on them.
  • Even though the text language is Japanese by default, the English voices are enabled as well.

EDIT: Some in-game Japanese text even with text language as Japanese selected displays in English. An example is going to the boss after Mystic Mansion that plays the 'Faker' melody; it is written in a really wide font - A R E Y O U R E A D Y ?.

  • The main menu music is on the disc but does not play in this build.
  • The character positions in the menus are a little bit off from the final. For example, Big is covering Amy and Cream with his whole body, and going to the Last Story in the Story menu causes a character positioning bug.
  • Not pressing Start in the menu redirects the player to a random gameplay demo where the characters are slightly stupid, and near the end Sonic gets pushed under the map through the floor by Tails. Could this be a game tester's gameplay?
  • Selecting different options in the menu can trigger different things in-game. Selecting English, for example, will not load Sea Gate; instead the player will see the glitchy part of the footage above and 'Press Start button'.
  • Any song that isn't finished yet is still used, however in most cases, the ADX loops have been configured to loop just the part that's finished (for example, Hang Castle only plays the first 5 seconds and then loops over and over. If played continuously without any loops you can hear the missing instruments).
  • Inside the game itself, some of the music has been changed. Mystic Mansion is missing a guitar, some of the Versus mode tracks are WIP tracks (some of them sound like they came from a DS), and the "beta" Casino Park music that was included on the Sonic Heroes OST is used in here as well.
  • There is one graphical glitch that may cause the blend mode to be additive for some elements even for the main menu. The way to achieve this is to use Team Rose in BINGO Highway by going to the second bingo slide table. On there, go through or past the chip with the number 6 on it or near the 7, 8 and 9 chips; you will as well see the Bingo text in additive alpha if you got the other bingo chips that would result one, then pause at that point and quit the stage. After that, everything like the menu contents, the title screen and the characters will have this effect.

Music differences

  • These are different from the final. The rest of the SNG_V0# files are the main themes for each team. All other teams besides Team Rose have vocals and are not changed.
    • SNG_BTL01.adx - Seaside Area (or Turtle Back) ~ Missing main melody synth.
    • SNG_BTL02.adx - City Area ~ Entirely differnet. A WIP track of the final version composed entirely with synth.
    • SNG_BTL03.adx - Battle 3 ~ Missing instrument? Something seems missing, anyway.
    • SNG_STG02.adx - Ocean Palace ~ Different percussion, and possibly the bass is louder.
    • SNG_STG05.adx - Casino Park ~ Entirely different. The same as the OST.
    • SNG_STG11A.adx - Hang Castle #1 ~ Different instrumentation, more reverb.
    • SNG_STG12.adx - Mystic Mansion ~ Missing instrument. Guitar is missing from the middle of the song, listen to Part C to hear the difference.
    • SNG_STG14.adx - Final Fortress ~ Missing instrument. Guitar that plays the main melody is missing. Also has different percussion and is missing the main melody synth.
    • SNG_STG21.adx - 2P: City top (or Team Battle) ~ Different note progression in the intro, different instrumentation.
    • SNG_STG22.adx - Mini Boss ~ Entirely different. It's "Shut Up Faker!", the track for the first Sonic VS Shadow battle from Sonic Adventure 2. In the final, this is entirely brand new.
    • SNG_SYS1.adx - System menu 1 (or 1P play) ~ Missing one instrument, and the whole bridge (the chorus loops over and over).
    • SNG_V01_MAIN.adx - Sonic Heroes (or main theme) ~ Missing the bridge vocals
    • SNG_V04_TR.adx - Follow Me (or theme for Team Rose) ~ No vocals and has different drums. Also has an extra part before each chorus (track from this prototype is 3:57 in length to the final's 3:33).
  • These are the ADXs that are missing entirely:
    • SNG_BTL04.adx
    • SNG_BTL05.adx
    • SNG_E0017.adx
    • SNG_E0117.adx
    • SNG_E0404.adx
    • SNG_SYS2.adx
    • SNG_SYS3.adx
    • SNG_SYS4.adx


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