Sonic Green Snake

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Sonic Green Snake
Version: v4
Last release: SHC13
Status: Halted
System: Sega Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)
Credits: Natsumi, S_T_D, Vladikcomper, Sonicvaan, and Kamekagzze

Sonic Green Snake is a modification of Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) made by Natsumi (At the time known as Green Snake). Originally created just to learn basics of hacking and disassemblies, it became a really ambitious project. The latest public release was in Sonic Hacking Contest 2013.



Everything really began on early to mid-2011, as Natsumi met KCEXE, another hacker on YouTube, and set out to help make level layouts for his hack at the time. However, with next to no understanding of disassemblies or SonED2, she quickly became disinterested and frustrated, and quit it. However, later continued poking on her own.

'Winter Demo'

At unknkown date, Natsumi decided to show Sonic Green Snake's progress on YouTube, and provided a download link. This demo only contained small level layout edits and a terrible winter-themed palette. This demo has been lost in times, with no copy existing in its creators harddrive, and all links being dead. Nobody has came up and said they have it. Any video about it has been deleted, too.

Version 1.47

This is the next known version of this hack. This version focuses more on level layouts, and small ASM edits. SYZ was replaced with the new Fall Zone, which was a broken Green Hill Zone ripoff.

Version 2.15

This version is alike to the last version, with some layout and palette edits, also came more ASM edits. Natsumi also followed a few tutorials from a site which has been claimed to have stolen code from various sources. Unaware of this, she added Homing Attack among few other features to the hack.

The Hack of Shame

Aka version 3.68, this release of the hack contained a lot of content lifted from various hacks, of course without any consent of the creators. It was also buggy mess, including a lot of confusion design decisions. Released few months before hacking contest 2012 on SSRG, as Natsumi was just unbanned from the forums. She got a big boot out of the community and everyone laughing at her failures as a living creature. The most infamous version of the hack and for a good reason; it was terrible. It, unsurprisingly, got E-rank on Sonic Hacking Contest 2012.


Somewhat frustrated, and with a salty feeling of what the response to The Hack of Shame was, Natsumi began to work on other projects, in hopes of brushing her skills. She, with help from SonicVaan, began to experiment with other ideas. First off, with short-lived hack, Sonic Nightmare, and later with a supposed team effort (which it turned out not to be), Sonic ½ as she named it. Neither of these turned out to be any good, so at some time they were forgotten of. However, on a trip to Teneriffe, she was talking to a friend over Skype about random hacking things, and she jokingly suggested to start to work on Sonic Green Snake again. At first a silly concept for new overworld hub, she ended up working on it after the vacation, eventually for real.

Version 4.0

After nearly half a year working on a revised build from scratch, Natsumi grew tired to work on the hack, and released it around month before Sonic Hacking Contest 2013. It was ultimately rushed to be finished, making the hack riddled with many bugs and issues, some even game breaking. However, the reception was decent, and some people were amazed Natsumi could make even that good hack, being made horrible one just year earlier. The version was simply a 1 zone demo, with edited layout, palette and ASM. A better overworld system was implemented, and things she had tried before expanded upon. After seeing such positive feedback, she began to work on version 5.0.

Version 5.0

Not much is known of the fate of version 5.0. There has been a private video with some of the progress done. Including new art for the first zone, save menu, unlocking levels system and few other tweaks, its been all fairly secretive. However, at least for now other interests have taken over for now, and some of the ideas are way too ambitious for a single person. Yet, there have been hints at various places she may continue this hack, yet nothing confirms this as of now.




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