Sonic Generations - Unleashed Project

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Sonic Generations - Unleashed Project
Version: 1.0
Last release: 19 March 2013
System: Windows
Original game: Sonic Generations
Credits: Team Unleashed
The Unleashed Project is a mod for the PC version of Sonic Generations that ports over the daytime stages from the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed. In addition to tweaked and revised level layouts and simplified stage progression, it includes a unique hub world, higher resolution textures for level artwork, and an optional improved rendering engine left over from Sonic Generations' development.

This mod contains a fully realized Unleashed version of Sonic Generations' White Space, ordered as follows:

Each stage has its own lively setpiece (such as Unleashed's NPCs hanging around), and unlike Generations, everything's connected and colored in; there is no "White Space". The music here was produced by member Falk, known for his work on several other fan projects.

There are a few new additions to the hub to spice things up.

  • The Ice Cream Vendor from Apotos replaces the Skill Shop
  • A few billboards:
    • "Welcome to the... UNLEASHED PROJECT Version 1.0".
    • A "Real Estate Times" sign, some newspaper clippings, and a MISSING poster featuring Wentos the Travling Salesman from Sonic Unleashed. Underneath his photo there's a message reading "If you see him, notify us at [email protected]. Only your photos will help us find him!"
    • What Hardware Requirements are necessary to play the stages:
      • MINIMUM: Cool Edge and Savannah Citadel
      • LOW: Dragon Road and Windmill Isle
      • MEDIUM: Arid Sands, Rooftop Run, and Empire City
      • HIGH: Jungle Joyride


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